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SMSFs and rich Australians are becoming less important to ETF providers looking for new assets, new research indicates.  “Go where the money is… and go there often,” the famous bank robber Willie Sutton once opined. And Aussie ETF providers have been thinking along similar lines. For most of the past decade, going where the money is has sent ETF providers chasing self-managed superannuation funds and older richer Australians. But according to a new study put out by research group Investment[...]

New fixed income ETF in India from BlackRock

19th March 2018

Today’s new ETF listings from around the world. India Indian short-term debt ETF from BlackRock BlackRock’s Indian arm DSP BlackRock is listing an ETF version of one of its mutual […]

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The Big Interview: Richard Lightbound from ROBO Global

by , 13th March 2018

The news that ETF Securities was to be broken up and sold, with the Canvas element of the business going to Legal[...]

What happens if bonds have a bad, bad day?

by , 5th March 2018

Everybody knows that passive investing is the Despicable Me of investments and is gradually taking over the world. Something like 17.5% of[...]
Peter Sleep, 7IM

The game-changing opportunity for European ETFs

by , 28th February 2018

Traditional mutual fund managers need to get on the front foot when it comes to engaging with – and ultimately entering –[...]
Hector McNeil, co-CEO at HANetf

Synthetic v physical: Seven years and counting

by , 27th February 2018

Talking about synthetic ETFs is likely to generate much eye rolling, but bear with me. The so-called synthetic vs physical debate, which[...]
Rebecca Hampson

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Largest Increase in AUM:


Vanguard Funds Public Limited Company - Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF

£69.98m ▲


iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF USD (Acc)

£68.61m ▲


Lyxor S&P 500 UCITS ETF

£64.87m ▲


ETFS Physical Gold

£58.24m ▲



£38.66m ▲

Largest Decrease in AUM:


ETFS All Commodities

£-41.23m ▼


iShares Core € Corp Bond UCITS ETF

£-22.7m ▼



£-20.1m ▼



£-19.55m ▼


Source STOXX Europe 600 Optimised Banks UCITS ETF

£-15.59m ▼

AUM Change by Asset Type:


-0.415% ▼


-0.586% ▼


-1.791% ▼


-0.188% ▼

Fixed Income:

0.168% ▲

N.B. Data as of 20/03/18 | All Funds shown from Ultumus database excluding those domiciled in the United States

Junk bond ETFs are being short sold en masse

by , 19th February 2018

Junk bond ETFs have the largest percent of AUM short sold, new data reveals.  Junk bond ETFs are by far the most short sold of any kind of ETF with […]
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Index Investing, ETFs & Robo Summit – Australia

Hosted by ETF Stream on 17th April 2018
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Investor Focus

Dollar dominates global bond market

18th March 2018

Bonds are a tricky area for investors right now. They’re normally seen a low-risk way to diversify your portfolio, but in a world where ‘quantitative tightening’ is set to become […]

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The Big Call: Should you Invest in Commercial Property?

7th March 2018

Commercial property has had a good run recently. Does that mean you shouldn’t include any in your portfolio? Ed finds out from Mark Callender, head of property research at Schroders, and Colm Lauder of Goodbody stockbrokers. And Ed will find out property ETFs from ETFstream’s[...]

Invesco PowerShares

Why has the dollar been so weak?

16th March 2018

Yield spreads have moved in favour of the dollar and[...]


Of readiness, risk and rhetoric

15th March 2018

It would take a much deeper deterioration in overall conditions[...]


Japan: Yes, this time is different

2nd March 2018

Four fundamental forces have changed from negative to positive. [wpdm_package[...]

State Street Global Advisers

Italian elections – the last stand of the populist vote?

2nd March 2018

State Street looks at how Italian government bond yields have[...]

Invesco PowerShares

What’s in a correlation?

27th February 2018

It's often said that rising bond yields lead to falling[...]

Are equally weighted ETFs the only smart beta funds that work?

Smart beta ETFs have gone from flavour of the month to flavour of the year. What was once an obscure buzzword known only to finance wonks has reached retail investors […]

Investing in government bond ETFs

Government bonds form the backbone of many investment portfolios. They’re especially popular with pension funds who like their safety and predictability. Government bonds issued by the US and UK are […]

Tracking error explained

In truth, we are starting this article from a false premise. To call what we are investigating ‘tracking error’ is a piece of jargon that deserves further precision in its […]

Investing in China

Investing in China is tempting. The economy has grown at a stunning rate since the 80s and plenty of pundits thinks China can maintain strong growth in the medium term. […]

Fortnightly Focus: ETFs for a more volatile market? How to invest in passive funds if equity markets are in turmoil

Guns and ETFs – social and value investing in conflict again

If you’re an SRI investor, now is a great time to ditch gun makers. If you’re a value investor, now is a great time to buy them.  Gun makers share […]

The Big Call: How ETFs Can Help in Volatile Markets

Ed Bowsher chats to Oliver Smith of IG Smart Portfolios, and Sean Corrigan of Cantillon Consulting about recent volatility in markets and how you should use ETFs in these circumstances.

Arguments rage over volatility

As the dust settled on the market pullback a fortnight back, it became clear that one particular area of the market was being tagged as the prime cause behind the […]