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Today marks Vanguard’s initial steps of expanding in to the Italian ETF market having listed its first range of ETFs on the Borsa Italiana. The 19-strong range of ETFs is comprised of both equity and fixed income products, in the firm’s bid to simplify and reduce the cost of investing for Italian investors. The company was founded in 1975 by Jack Bogle, who sadly died earlier this week. Currently managing over $5tn in assets, the expansion in to Italy will[...]

Sovereign bond ETF buying signals defensive turn

18th January 2019

The market sell-off in December was the signal for a headlong rush towards sovereign bonds on the part of ETF investors, according to data analysed by analysts at Societe Generale […]

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Novelty ETFs are dead, liquidation data shows

by , 18th January 2019

A lot of people talk about the expansion of the ETF industry. But an aspect that gets less attention is the growing[...]

ETF transparency and liquidity are welcome in stressed markets

by , 16th January 2019

The phenomenal rise in ETF adoption looks extraordinary. But viewed in the context of any technology upgrade – from tape to CD, from[...]

Why value ETFs continue to fail

by , 14th January 2019

Summary Smart beta Value ETFs are relatively homogenous Some show high exposures to other equity factors, which may represent risk Excess returns[...]
Nicolas Rabener

The free market and the ballooning number of indices

by , 10th January 2019

If there is one thing bound to scare the horses in the world of investment it will be a headline figure or[...]

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Investor Focus

ETFs for 2019

16th January 2019

If you’re still thinking about what your investment strategy might be for this year, here are some ETF ideas for you to consider. We’ve asked four ETF experts to highlight […]

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The Big Call with Meb Faber: Where will markets go in 2019?

20th December 2018

Ed Bowsher speaks to top US fund manager, Meb Faber, to find out where to invest your money in 2019. Ed also speaks to David Stevenson from ETF Stream and gets the lowdown from Colm Lauder on the outlook for commercial property.


Are Chinese sectors ready for sector investors?

26th November 2018

Sector investing has gained wide traction in developed markets, notably[...]


Did the FAANG stocks lead the US stock market drop?

16th October 2018

Most of the market fall last week was in the[...]


Spotlight on US equity: leave no stone unturned

14th October 2018

There's more to come from US equities in this cycle.[...]


GICS changes: risk depends on how it’s measured

14th October 2018

What does the new GICS sector in New York mean[...]

Invesco PowerShares

Cigarettes, sunshine and happiness

27th July 2018

Happy investors tend to make more money. [wpdm_package id='4142']  

Guide to understanding ETFs: Creation and Redemption

Creation and redemption is how ETFs are made and destroyed. Understanding creation and redemption is crucial to understanding ETFs and crucial to understanding why ETFs are a superior financial technology […]

ETF myths

In this article we look at some widely believed myths about ETFs. Read on to find out why they’re either completely untrue or at least partly untrue. ETFs only track […]

Liquidity and ETFs

Liquidity is an important issue for investors. If you’re investing in an illiquid asset, you may find it difficult or expensive to sell that asset, especially if you’re trying to […]

Leveraged and Inverse ETFs

If you’re very confident that a particular share or market is going to go up, it can be frustrating when you know you don’t have much money available to back […]