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Chris Brycki is the CEO of Stockspot, Australia’s first robo-advisor. We caught up with him and got his take on what makes a good ETF and how robo-advice is evolving. ETF Stream: What do you look for when picking ETFs for Stockspot’s model portfolios? Especially given that some plain vanilla ETFs are very similar (i.e. IOZ, STW, A200). Chris Brycki: There are a number of things we’re looking for. Cost is the first. Cost is very important over the long[...]

BNP Paribas strengthens ETF and index team

17th May 2018

BNP Paribas has made a quadruple addition to its exchange traded funds (ETFs) and index solutions team with four appointments across all levels of the business. Maude Rivierre Bianchi joined […]

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The unsurprising evolution of dividend ETFs

by , 22nd May 2018

Dividend paying companies in the FTSE 100 have been doing fairly well recently. The average dividend from the top ten paying companies[...]
Rebecca Hampson

In at the deep end with tracking error

by , 11th May 2018

Perhaps to a surprising degree, when it comes to discussing ETFs it appears sometimes that only cursory attention is paid to the[...]
Scott Longley

How to diversify your dividends

by , 9th May 2018

When it comes to dividend payouts, the UK has long been one of the more generous global markets - the FTSE 100[...]
John Stepek

The Big Interview: Adrian Mulryan from marketßeta

by , 4th May 2018

Active for the past six months, marketßeta was formed about a year ago. The company was set up by Graeme Dewar and[...]

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Largest Increase in AUM:


Vanguard Funds Public Limited Company - Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF

£69.98m ▲


iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF USD (Acc)

£68.61m ▲


Lyxor S&P 500 UCITS ETF

£64.87m ▲



£58.49m ▲


ETFS Physical Gold

£58.24m ▲

Largest Decrease in AUM:



£-49.18m ▼


ETFS All Commodities

£-41.23m ▼



£-35.83m ▼


iShares Core € Corp Bond UCITS ETF

£-22.7m ▼



£-20.7m ▼

AUM Change by Asset Type:


-1.589% ▼


-0.982% ▼


-1.904% ▼


0.001% ▲

Fixed Income:

-0.496% ▼

N.B. Data as of 22/05/18 | All Funds shown from Ultumus database excluding those domiciled in the United States

Top of the gum tree: Australia’s best ETFs for Q1 2018

by , 22nd April 2018

Results are in for Q1 of 2018 for Australian ETFs.  Spreads and Liquidity The most traded and liquid ETFs in Q1 were cash ETFs. In Australia, cash ETFs provide access […]
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The ‘smart’ route to dividends

22nd May 2018

The question of how you go about picking a dividend index was front and centre of the smart beta panel at the Big Call Dividends events held last week in […]

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The Big Call: the lowdown on dividend investing

8th May 2018

Dividend investing isn’t just for retired people who need an income from their share portfolio. It can also be a rewarding strategy for younger investors who can reinvest their dividends. Ed Bowsher finds out more from Adam Laird of Lyxor, Oliver Smith of IG Smart[...]


All eyes on the BoJ: from down-cycle risks to stimulus action?

22nd March 2018

Newly appointed board members are likely to push the Bank[...]

Invesco PowerShares

More high-yield, less equity

21st March 2018

In the latest 'Big Picture' quarterly update, Invesco Powershares is[...]

Invesco PowerShares

Why has the dollar been so weak?

16th March 2018

Yield spreads have moved in favour of the dollar and[...]


Of readiness, risk and rhetoric

15th March 2018

It would take a much deeper deterioration in overall conditions[...]


Japan: Yes, this time is different

2nd March 2018

Four fundamental forces have changed from negative to positive. [wpdm_package[...]

ETF costs

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The Big Call: The Lowdown on ESG Investing

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Value and environmental investing can go together: VanEck

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