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“I would strongly endorse the consideration of this exciting new initiative” and “it has no value as a financial product, let alone as a currency” are just two of the comments submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US for a Bitcoin ETF. Following the latest application by VanEck and Solid X for a Bitcoin ETF, the SEC announced it is accepting the public’s comments on the verdict of the financial vehicle. Since 13 February, the SEC has[...]

ETF investors are getting younger

22nd March 2019

Over a 12 month period from October 2017 to October 2018, the number of ETF investors in Australia grew 22%, reaching a new high of 385,000. This is according to […]

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Research Affiliates: Alice’s Adventures in Factorland

by , 22nd March 2019

Smart-beta specialist Research Affiliates has highlighted three problems with factor investing that, if not understood properly, could leave investors tumbling down the[...]

The death of an ETF – how to break the news

by , 21st March 2019

"ETFs close all the time." So says Peter Sleep, senior investment manager at 7IM. Obviously the news is accompanied by less fanfare[...]

BlackRock’s proxy voting history and ETF push highlight conflicting attitudes to ESG

by , 20th March 2019

BlackRock came under fire earlier this month after a report from sustainable non-profit firm Ceres found the world’s largest asset manager voted[...]

Product Panel: Invesco’s Saudi ETF

by , 20th March 2019

In June last year, Invesco became the first EFT provider to take advantage of the inclusion of Saudi Arabia in MSCI’s Emerging[...]

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Big Call: Technology Funds

Hosted by ETF Stream on 12th June 2019
London, UK

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Is Europe good value or too risky?

22nd March 2019

European equities probably aren’t the first choice for most investors right now. They’ve fallen this week on the back of concerns about global growth and trade talks. On top of […]

Five top US ETFs

18th March 2019

China on the up

17th March 2019

ETFs and the AI boom

12th March 2019
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The Big Call: The Ultimate ETF Guidebook

8th March 2019

Ed Bowsher interviews David Stevenson about a new book: The Ultimate ETF Guidebook, which was co-authored by David. Beginners can easily read the book and more experienced investors will probably find fresh insight as well. In the podcast, David discusses the rationale for the book,[...]


Are Chinese sectors ready for sector investors?

26th November 2018

Sector investing has gained wide traction in developed markets, notably[...]


Did the FAANG stocks lead the US stock market drop?

16th October 2018

Most of the market fall last week was in the[...]


Spotlight on US equity: leave no stone unturned

14th October 2018

There's more to come from US equities in this cycle.[...]


GICS changes: risk depends on how it’s measured

14th October 2018

What does the new GICS sector in New York mean[...]

Invesco PowerShares

Cigarettes, sunshine and happiness

27th July 2018

Happy investors tend to make more money. [wpdm_package id='4142']  

Your ETF selection checklist

If you’re thinking of investing in an ETF, here’s a checklist of issues to consider before you choose your fund: Which strategy to go for? We’re assuming that you’ve already […]

Guide to understanding ETFs: Creation and Redemption

Creation and redemption is how ETFs are made and destroyed. Understanding creation and redemption is crucial to understanding ETFs and crucial to understanding why ETFs are a superior financial technology […]

ETF myths

In this article we look at some widely believed myths about ETFs. Read on to find out why they’re either completely untrue or at least partly untrue. ETFs only track […]

Liquidity and ETFs

Liquidity is an important issue for investors. If you’re investing in an illiquid asset, you may find it difficult or expensive to sell that asset, especially if you’re trying to […]