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Whither Aussie ETFs in 2018? Experts weigh in

Meaghan Victor, Head of SPDR ETFs Australia, State Street Global Advisors Looking to 2018 we expect to see low cost investment solutions, like ETFs, continue to grow, driven by an […]

Aussie ETFs in 2018: experts weigh in

Chris Brycki, CEO, Stockspot The major theme for the Australian ETF industry in 2018 will be more of the same – growth. This year Australian ETFs reached over $35.5 billion […]

A home among the gum trees: a guide to property ETFs

“Why should I buy a property ETF when I already own a house?” Home ownership is sometimes said to be the national religion of Australia. If there’s one thing Aussies […]

Aussie robo-advisor Six Park targets SMSFs in effort to scale

Aussie robo-advisors need hundreds of millions in AUM to break even. How can they get it? By targetting SMSFs, says Six Park CEO Patrick Garrett. Most Aussies don’t know what […]

The best Australian ETF tickers

An ETF’s ticker is more important than its name. ETFs have very long names that no-one really remembers. When searching for an ETF on Bloomberg, Morningstar or whatever the ticker […]

The Big Interview: Exchange Traded Bonds, bringing corporate bonds to Aussie retail investors

The bonds of blue chip Australian companies, like BHP and the Commonwealth Bank, are attractive assets. They have higher interest rates than term deposits, but come with similar risk levels. […]

Montgomery joins Australia’s small ETMF club

Sydney-based money manager Montgomery Investment Managers will join the small club of Aussie ETMF issuers with its first listing planned for the end of the year. The new ETMF, the […]

Rebalancing of Australian economy is cornerstone of its resilience

Business confidence is picking up even as consumer confidence weakens.

Smart beta’s Asian push will cut pension fees in Hong Kong

Smart beta is growing in Asia and its growth could help lower the management fees of Hong Kong pension funds, Felix Xu writes.  Smart beta has been the watch-word of […]

Vanguard Australia lists diversified ETFs, a challenge for robo-advice

Vanguard Australia is listing its four Australian Diversified Index Funds in ETF format, in a move that will challenge local robo-advisors. They are: Vanguard Conservative Index ETF (VDCO) Vanguard Balanced […]