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Guns and ETFs – social and value investing in conflict again

If you’re an SRI investor, now is a great time to ditch gun makers. If you’re a value investor, now is a great time to buy them.  Gun makers share […]

Will tobacco-free ETFs underperform?

The wages of sin is exorbitant outperformance. Tobacco may be terrible, but tobacco companies have historically outperformed. Smelly and carcinogenic, tobacco companies are the first to be fired from many […]

XTB offers green corporate bond portfolio on HUB24

XTB, the Australian company that puts the corporate bonds of single companies into ETF wrappers, has rolled out a new actively managed portfolio of ESG bonds and put it on […]

Top of the gum tree: Australia’s best ETFs for Q1 2018

Results are in for Q1 of 2018 for Australian ETFs.  Spreads and Liquidity The most traded and liquid ETFs in Q1 were cash ETFs. In Australia, cash ETFs provide access […]

State Street’s tough new approach to indexing

Signals suggest State Street will increasingly play hardball with index providers State Street’s legendary SPY has proved a veritable money tree for its index provider S&P Global. SPY currently manages […]

Causeway turns MFs to ETMFs; VanEck Australia goes multifactor

Today’s new ETF listings from around the world.  USA Causeway turns international mutual funds into NextShares California-based asset managed Causeway Capital Management is listing two new ETMF versions of its […]

BetaShares shirtfronts Vanguard

Aussie issuer BetaShares is listing the cheapest Australian ETF, in an effort to undermine the big three. Aussie issuer BetaShares is listing the cheapest plain vanilla ETF in Australia, rolling […]

Real assets and smarter beta

Today’s new ETF listings from around the world.  USA Even smarter beta from Xtrackers Deutsche Bank is listing a new smart beta ETF that guns after quality and value companies. […]

Facebook dumped as ESG grows muscle

Facebook’s dumping by an Aussie ETF provider could pave the way for a more muscular and forceful ESG approach.  Ethical investing has always looked like a type of politics and […]

How can Australian ETF issuers gather AUM?

SMSFs and rich Australians are becoming less important to ETF providers looking for new assets, new research indicates.  “Go where the money is… and go there often,” the famous bank […]

Value and environmental investing can go together: VanEck

This is the second piece in our series on the rise and rise of ESG ETFs.  VanEck is upping the ante on ESG investing, but what will value investors think? […]