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The Big Call with Meb Faber: Where will markets go in 2019?

20th December 2018

Ed Bowsher speaks to top US fund manager, Meb Faber, to find out where to invest your money in 2019. Ed also speaks to David Stevenson from ETF Stream and […]

Investing in the UK: Time to pick up some Brexit bargains?

12th December 2018

As the Brexit crisis becomes ever more unpredictable, Ed asks whether now is a good time to buy some cheap shares. Ed speaks to Oliver Smith, Portfolio Manager at IG […]

The Big Call: Where next for markets?

12th November 2018

After the market falls in October, Ed Bowsher asks: why was there a correction, and more importantly, where next for markets? Ed speaks to Sean Corrigan, Principal at Cantillon Consulting […]

The Big Call: Where Next For Technology?

18th October 2018

The technology sector has had a serious wobble in the last fortnight. Ed Bowsher asks what’s next for this part of the market and whether now is a good time […]

The Big Call: Will ETFs cause the next crash?

27th September 2018

It’s inevitable that stock markets will fall sooner or later. In this edition of The Big Call, Ed Bowsher asks whether ETFs will contribute to that fall. Ed speaks to […]

The Big Call: What is Smart Beta and is it a Good Idea?

2nd August 2018

Smart beta is sold as a way for private investors to follow sophisticated investment strategies at low cost. These include value (looking for cheap shares) and momentum (investing in companies […]

Core Morningstar UCITS from Lyxor

4th July 2018

In this fund overview we look at two new products from Lyxor – the core morningstar UCITS ETFs for the US and UK These funds are from Lyxor’s Core range […]

The Big Call: How to Invest your Money in a World of Rising Interest Rates

8th June 2018

Interest rates and bond yields are slowly starting to rise in 2018, so it’s a good time to ask what investors should do with their money as we begin to […]

ETF Stream partners with LGIM at lithium event, June 20th

8th June 2018

For most days of the year, lithium is an obscure element known only to investors from GSCE chemistry. The metal floats and burns blood red when placed in water. Former […]

The Academic Debate Informing Passive Investing

11th September 2017

‘In this ‘passive primer’, David Stevenson looks at the academic debate the efficient markets hyothesis – the idea that all share prices fully reflect all the data and information about […]
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