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ESG might make you poorer

by , 7th February 2019

Two quick notes today: one about ESG investing and ETFs; another about potential QE4. ESG investing, if you can afford it In my youth, when I was a crusading socialist, […]
David Stevenson

Bogle was wrong about ETFs but right about indexes

by , 24th January 2019

A new wave of fintechs, including robo-advisors and zero fee brokers, show ETFs can be used for  buy and hold investment strategies At its most extreme, ETFs can be used by […]
David Stevenson

Value is broken, but a new generation of ETFs could fix it

by , 2nd November 2018

[This is the third article in a series on breathing new life into value investing]. Many moons ago I wrote a long old book on stock screening – based in […]
David Stevenson

Stop telling millennials that they save too little!

by , 28th October 2018

I apologise for sounding like a broken record player, but we all need to be reminded that we have a slow moving car crash on our collective hands when it […]
David Stevenson

Expect a bumpy ride for the next 12 months

by , 16th October 2018

It feels like the panic selling of last week has finally stopped and we may about to resume normal service, David Stevenson argues. I can’t quite understand the cause of […]
David Stevenson

Absolute return funds fail to deliver

by , 15th October 2018

A new study puts the sword to absolute return funds, claiming they mostly fail to live up to the hype The worst performing absolute return funds prove worse investments than […]
David Stevenson

Fidelity and the 0% wheeze

by , 17th August 2018

Fidelity’s launch of a zero fee US equities tracker has sparked an inevitable bout of anxiety and panic. The anxiety comes from the those who think ETFs are the next […]
David Stevenson

Getting to know smart beta

by , 15th January 2018

Smart beta makes a great deal of sense for mainstream investors, with many variants of factor investing producing outperformance over the long run. But it’s not a risk-free trade. As […]
David Stevenson

Smart beta thoughts – part 1

by , 29th December 2017

I have one very obvious prediction about 2018 – Smart Beta will become increasingly important to not only institutional but also retail investors. Overall, I think smart beta is a […]
David Stevenson

The Great Battery Technology Race – and what to invest in?

29th November 2017

If you had have asked the average investor over a decade ago what they made of clean, renewable energy, I’m fairly sure they would have thought it largely irrelevant – […]