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The ETF consolidation battle hots up

by , 13th November 2017

I can’t help but comment on the news story today about Wisdom Tree snapping up the ETC business of ETF Securities. The story is from my colleague Ed Bowsher over […]
David Stevenson

Who gets to build the index? Machines or you and I?

by , 31st October 2017

Passive funds make great play of their index tracking. The idea is, of course, alluring and simple. Do away with that idiosyncratic manager and replace him or her with a […]
David Stevenson

Affinity ETFs coming to a branch near you

by , 24th October 2017

ETF Stream’s daily update on new issues brought a real gem yesterday – David Tuckwell reported that USAA, the group that provides financial services to members and veterans of the […]
David Stevenson

European equities – a fading region globally?

by , 18th October 2017

European equities have had a strong 12 months. In dollar terms the region’s equity markets have increased in value by 1.9% over the last month, 5.2% over the last three […]

Backwardation meets Kurdistan – energy markets at crucial juncture?

by , 17th October 2017

Energy specialists at investment bank Goldman Sachs and asset management firm Guinness reckon that global energy markets are at a crucial juncture, with futures markets moving into backwardation and a […]

iShares – was the BGI purchase the deal of the decade?

by , 17th October 2017

The big story of the last few days within the asset management space has been Invesco’s takeover of Guggenheims ETF business for a reported $1.2 billion. Given that Guggenheim only […]
David Stevenson

Why an asset allocation switching ETF might make sense

by , 12th October 2017

The vast majority of investors buy ETFs for very specific reasons, usually involving deploying money to one specific investment niche, expressed via an index. For example, if you want US […]

Trading volumes have collapsed, intraday volatility at 10-year lows – Morgan Stanley

11th October 2017

Low levels of market volatility have been worrying investors for most of 2017 – at varying points over the last ten months, market turbulence as measured by the VIX index […]

UBS warns that EM funds inflows are slowing down

10th October 2017

Global equity markets are in confident form, with emerging markets equities are leading the way. The MSCI World index added 0.7% last week, driven by a renewed enthusiasm for high […]

Out of the ether – cryptos and fallen angels

by , 9th October 2017

Today brought news of two exciting new ETFs about to hit the European stock markets, one in the ‘oh-so-sexy’ crypto currencies space, the other in the staider world of high […]
David Stevenson