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Hartford lists actively managed municipal bond ETF

11th December 2017

Today’s new ETF listings from around the world.  USA Hartford lists actively manage municipal bond ETF Hartford Funds is listing a new bond ETF that poaches municipal debts, the Hartford […]

Bitcoin ETFs won’t work

by , 7th December 2017

Even if bitcoin weren’t in a bubble, it still wouldn’t work well as an ETF, David Tuckwell argues.  With Chicago exchanges greenlighting bitcoin futures, it’s only a matter of time […]
David Tuckwell

An ETF of ETFs for beating ETFs

7th December 2017

Today’s new ETF listings from around the world.  USA Innovator lists an ETF of ETFs for beating ETFs Illinois-based Innovator ETFs is listing a new ETFs that tracks an index […]

ETF providers outperform the market, even if their ETFs don’t

7th December 2017

Three ETF stories from around the web that made this week interesting 1) ETF managers outperform the market ETFs claim that they track the market, rather than beat it. Yet […]

American Energy Independence ETFs

6th December 2017

Today’s new ETF listings from around the world USA American Energy Independence ETF SL Advisors is listing a new ETF that claims to track American energy independence, the American Energy […]

The best Australian ETF tickers

5th December 2017

An ETF’s ticker is more important than its name. ETFs have very long names that no-one really remembers. When searching for an ETF on Bloomberg, Morningstar or whatever the ticker […]

The Big Interview: Exchange Traded Bonds, bringing corporate bonds to Aussie retail investors

by , 4th December 2017

The bonds of blue chip Australian companies, like BHP and the Commonwealth Bank, are attractive assets. They have higher interest rates than term deposits, but come with similar risk levels. […]

Eyeing ETFs, Euronext acquires the Irish Stock Exchange

4th December 2017

Pan-European exchange group Euronext NV is set to get a lock on Europe’s ETF market, having announced it will acquire the Irish Stock Exchange, the exchange where the majority of […]

Montgomery joins Australia’s small ETMF club

4th December 2017

Sydney-based money manager Montgomery Investment Managers will join the small club of Aussie ETMF issuers with its first listing planned for the end of the year. The new ETMF, the […]

Morgan Stanley lists six factor equal weight ETFs in London

3rd December 2017

Today’s ETF listings from around the world.  UK Morgan Stanley to list smart beta ETFs with EdHEC indexes Morgan Stanley is listing several new smart beta ETFs in London via […]