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The hidden costs of indexing

by , 14th October 2018

You might think that index investing is mega-cheap, but smart beta guru, Rob Arnott, believes that index investing is more expensive than many realise. (For this article, index investing means […]

Redwood says markets will ‘muddle through’

5th October 2018

Former Tory cabinet minister, John Redwood, thinks that developed markets are likely to ‘muddle through in the near future. Redwood, who is also chief global strategist at Charles Stanley, made […]

There will be a correction but ETFs probably won’t cause it

by , 30th September 2018

Here’s why I find the stock market fascinating: you have thousands of highly intelligent people researching and debating the economy, markets, and prospects for individual companies. And unlike university dons […]
Ed Bowsher

Is smart beta a good idea?

by , 12th September 2018

FTSE 100 tracker funds have served me well over many years but I’ve become increasingly worried they may not serve me so well in the future. That’s why I’ve become […]

Five top UK ETFs

by , 23rd August 2018

UK shares are relatively cheap at the moment. If you want to take advantage, ETFs can be an easy way to get exposure to the UK market. So in this […]

Ten cheapest ETFs

8th August 2018

If you’re a long-term investor in funds, charges are really important. The difference between an annual charge of, say, 1% a year, and 0.3% a year may not seem much, […]

What does Facebook’s share price slump mean for ETF investors?

by , 30th July 2018

Facebook’s share price fell 20% last week after the tech giant gave a very disappointing update to the market on Wednesday. The company warned that margins would fall as more […]
Ed Bowsher

Momentum play isn’t over yet, says BlackRock

by , 23rd July 2018

The world’s largest fund management firm is still pretty bullish on prospects for investors this year. Or at least that’s the core message from the BlackRock Investment Institute’s ‘Global Investment […]

An independent voice on smart beta

9th July 2018

Smart beta and factor investing has been a huge growth area in recent years. There is now more than $1 trillion invested in all the available smart beta funds worldwide. […]

Rothschilds back ‘robo’ that’s different from Nutmeg and the rest

by , 9th July 2018

Two members of the Rothschild family* have backed a new robo-advice platform that gives ordinary investors more control over where their money goes. The new platform is called Exo Investing […]