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Tracking difference and tracking error

22nd April 2018

Tracking difference is a very helpful metric which can help you figure out whether your ETF is doing its job or not. Most ETFs track an index such as the […]

Creation, redemption and authorised participants

22nd April 2018

One unique characteristic of ETFs is the way that shares are created. Let’s quickly look at what happens with unit trusts and OEICs. If you have money in an OEIC, […]

What are the pluses and minuses of ETFs?

22nd April 2018

Here’s a look at the pluses and minuses of ETFs. The pluses Cheap The biggest plus point for ETFs is that they tend to be cheap. One of the cheapest […]

What are ETFs?

18th April 2018

An ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)  is a hybrid between a fund and a share. An ETF is like a conventional fund (a unit trust or OEIC) because it enables investors […]

First European Blockchain ETF launches

16th April 2018

Bitcoin made some people very rich in 2017 as its price rose 19 times over the year. But you could argue that Bitcoin was really just a small part of […]

Active funds still fail to beat the benchmark

by , 4th April 2018

Active European funds continue to underperform their benchmarks, according to new research from S&P. S&P analysed the performance of 23 active fund categories for funds that are domiciled in Europe. […]

The Big Call: The Lowdown on ESG Investing

21st March 2018

ESG investing, also known as ethical investment, is a big growth area in investing, especially in ETFs. And it doesn’t just make you feel virtuous, it can also boost your […]

Dollar dominates global bond market

by , 18th March 2018

Bonds are a tricky area for investors right now. They’re normally seen a low-risk way to diversify your portfolio, but in a world where ‘quantitative tightening’ is set to become […]

The Big Call: Should you Invest in Commercial Property?

7th March 2018

Commercial property has had a good run recently. Does that mean you shouldn’t include any in your portfolio? Ed finds out from Mark Callender, head of property research at Schroders, […]

Value is cheap relative to history, says M&G

by , 4th March 2018

Value is one of the more attractive parts of the market, according to Ritu Vohora, Investment Director at M&G. That’s because value stocks are cheap compared to historic levels, and […]