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Five top fixed income ETFs

by , 29th January 2019

Investing in bonds is traditionally seen as a low-risk way of diversifying your portfolio. And in an era of modest inflation and low interest rates, they’ve served investors well over […]

‘We’ve had a reset, that doesn’t mean it’s Armageddon’, says BMO manager

by , 20th January 2019

It looks like the market turbulence we saw at the end of last year and in early January was ‘a reset’ rather than ‘Armageddon’, according to Gary Potter, the co-head […]

Five top Europe ETFs

by , 11th January 2019

I’m not keen on investing in Europe at the moment. (That’s Europe excluding the UK.)  The German and French economies are slowing dramatically and I worry about the stability of […]

Investment lessons from Meb Faber

by , 4th January 2019

As markets fall, now is a good time to ‘take your medicine, save more and spend less’, according to the highly respected US fund manager, Meb Faber. In other words, […]

Where will markets go in 2019? part two

by , 29th December 2018

In the first part of this series, I looked at some general themes for 2019 as well as prospects for the US market. I’m going to start this article by […]

Where will markets go in 2019?

by , 24th December 2018

2018 was an unusual year for investors. By the end of the year, both equities and bonds had delivered negative returns. Often bonds rise when equities fall and vice versa, […]

UK shares look cheap

by , 19th December 2018

The UK stock market looks cheap. The two most obvious explanations for their cheapness are Brexit and Corbyn. That raises the question: are markets worrying too much? Or, to put […]

‘Don’t sell your gold and silver’ says Jim Rogers, and buy agriculture!

by , 14th December 2018

Jim Rogers, the famous investor and former business partner of George Soros, is very bullish on agriculture and remains positive on China. Rogers expressed his views this week in a […]

Six ETFs to cushion against Brexit

by , 12th December 2018

As the Brexit crisis continues, UK investors may be wondering if there is anything they can do to protect their portfolio. Here’s the short answer:  diversify your portfolio away from […]

Five top Japan ETFs

by , 10th December 2018

I like Japan. I think it’s arguably the most attractive stock market in the world right now. Later in this piece, I’ll highlight five Japanese ETFs that I think worth […]