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‘Don’t sell your gold and silver’ says Jim Rogers. And buy agriculture

by , 14th December 2018

Jim Rogers, the famous investor and former business partner of George Soros, is very bullish on agriculture and remains positive on China. Rogers expressed his views this week in a […]

Six ETFs to cushion against Brexit

by , 12th December 2018

As the Brexit crisis continues, UK investors may be wondering if there is anything they can do to protect their portfolio. Here’s the short answer:  diversify your portfolio away from […]

Five top Japan ETFs

by , 10th December 2018

I like Japan. I think it’s arguably the most attractive stock market in the world right now. Later in this piece, I’ll highlight five Japanese ETFs that I think worth […]

The four best sectors

by , 30th November 2018

If you’re wondering which stock market sectors are most attractive for investors right now, a Nobel Prize-winning economist has some ideas. The economist is Robert Shiller who is famous, amongst […]

Invest in the past, not the future!

by , 30th November 2018

Thematic ETFs are a big growth area right now. Many are sold on the basis that they offer exposure to the big growth trends of the future. Thematic investing is […]

The case for America

by , 23rd November 2018

I’ve been nervous about investing in the US for a  while now. The valuations just seemed too high. As a result, I reduced my exposure. But I didn’t sell out […]

Rising rates didn’t trigger October market wobble, they followed it

by , 17th November 2018

When markets were falling in October, one common explanation was that investors were becoming more worried about the prospects for interest rates. The argument was that the Fed was now […]

Four top emerging markets ETFs

by , 14th November 2018

Markets had a rocky October and amidst all the action, you may have missed an interesting shift. Investors took money out of developed markets such as the US and Europe […]

Value’s rotten run may be ending

by , 10th November 2018

Value investing has had a poor run over the last decade and it’s done especially badly in 2018. But there are some very early sings that we may be at […]

All you need are four ETFs

by , 4th November 2018

Investing in the stock market can seem very complicated. There’s loads of jargon and thousands of shares, OEICs, investment trusts and ETFs to choose from. And there’s spreadbetting and CFDs […]