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European ETF market to compete with US by 2025

15th November 2018

Following Lyxor Dauphine Research Academy’s recent study explaining how more active managers will adopt passive investments, Moody’s Investor Service has announced its expectations for Europe’s ETF market. Lyxor Dauphine concluded […]

ETFs strive as oil price spills

14th November 2018

Deutsche Bank has published its latest report on the rise and fall of oil prices throughout 2018. It was only April when oil prices were rising following strong results from […]

ETFs create opportunities for active managers

13th November 2018

A common argument which regularly appears within the industry is the active vs passive debate. Passive investing has seen monumental growth over the last decade, but does this mean active […]

Amundi issues SRI range amidst ESG fad

12th November 2018

Amundi has announced the expansion of its Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) range with the launch of three equity ETFs and two fixed income ETFs. With the latest craze of Environmental, […]

Antipodes Partners goes actively passive

9th November 2018

Australian based equity manager Antipodes Partners has launched an actively managed ETF, Antipodes Global Shares (AGX1). Quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), AGX1 will track the MSCI All Countries […]

Are ETFs a key driver for the growth of factor investing?

8th November 2018

Invesco has published its latest study, asking for investors’ opinion on factor investing. The survey interviewed 300 investors, both wholesale and institutional, across 21 countries. ETPs, primarily ETFs, account for […]

SPDR won’t allow struggling euro prevent US investments

7th November 2018

The value of the euro has weakened over the last 6 months which would affect a few portfolio’s short-term returns. To counteract this amidst the US midterm elections which took […]

ETF Securities CURE’s Australia

6th November 2018

Australian issuer ETF Securities is listing a new biotech ETF, the first biotech ETF available in Australia. The ETFS S&P Biotech ETF (CURE) will track the S&P Biotechnology Select Industry […]

MSCI’s Q3 financial report: Previous market depreciation rectified

1st November 2018

MSCI today released its financial results for the third quarter of 2018. A highlight from the report is AUM in ETFs associated with MSCI indexes is up $91.2bn (13.5 percent) […]

Study: Are low volatility ETFs sustainable?

by , 30th October 2018

A low volatility portfolio outperformed the US stock market for 27 years Low volatility stocks have been performing well as a result of declining US interest rates Low volatility ETFs […]