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Cigarettes, sunshine and happiness

27th July 2018

Happy investors tend to make more money.  
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The stabilisation of global debt

12th July 2018

The global debt burden fell in 2017, particularly in developed economies. Emerging market countries have less debt but offer higher real yields. Emerging markets debt offers good potential returns.   […]

Less equity, more US treasuries

1st July 2018

Invesco doesn’t fear immediate recession but economic and profit momentum is fading in some areas. Exposure to equities is slightly reduced.

More high-yield, less equity

21st March 2018

In the latest ‘Big Picture’ quarterly update, Invesco Powershares is slightly reducing exposure to equities while adding to high-yield credit in the US.  
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Why has the dollar been so weak?

16th March 2018

Yield spreads have moved in favour of the dollar and Invesco Powershares struggles to explain its weakness.
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What’s in a correlation?

27th February 2018

It’s often said that rising bond yields lead to falling equity prices, but things aren’t that simple.

The Aristotle list: ten improbable but possible outcomes for 2018

12th January 2018

Invesco Powershares considers some unlikely scenarios for 2018. These include the collapse of NAFTA and a promotion for Mike Pence.
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2017: the last hurrah!

21st December 2017

Invesco Powershares suspects that the Bank of Japan will be ‘an important swing factor’ in 2018 and doubts that global asset returns will match those of 2017.
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2018: a year in politics

19th December 2017

Paul Jackson and Andras Vig look at the political outlook for 2018 and what it means for investors.
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Factors riding bulls and bears

7th December 2017

A bear market doesn’t appear to be imminent. If that view is correct, US Value and European Quality and Price Momentum factors should outperform.    
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