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How price wars and self-indexing will affect the ETF market in 2019

by , 21st January 2019

One of the primary selling points of the ETF industry (and index tracking in general) has been that it reduces costs for investors. Last year, we saw that trend accelerate, […]
John Stepek

Victims of 2018 – emerging markets

by , 7th January 2019

As 2018 drew to a close, it was fair to say that it had been a tough year for all asset classes – something like 80-90% of assets look set […]
John Stepek

How could ETFs contribute to the next collapse

by , 4th October 2018

As passive investing goes from strength to strength, raking in ever more assets from active managers, one key question keeps coming up: could passive investing – and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) […]
John Stepek

Fee-free trackers have landed – and that’s a good thing

by , 13th August 2018

The most basic selling point for “passive” investing and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in general is that they are a lot cheaper than traditional funds. It’s taken a while, but investors […]
John Stepek

How to bet on the oil price

by , 24th July 2018

Oil prices are back in the news in a big way, having enjoyed hefty gains in the past year or so. Can they keep rising from here? Or are we […]
John Stepek

Should you invest in China’s domestic stock market?

by , 13th June 2018

China has just taken another step in opening up its markets to investors. At the start of this month, MSCI, one of the world’s most influential index providers, added roughly 200 […]
John Stepek

How to diversify your dividends

by , 9th May 2018

When it comes to dividend payouts, the UK has long been one of the more generous global markets – the FTSE 100 currently yields around 4% overall. That’s partly because […]
John Stepek

Why ETFs are only going to get cheaper

by , 29th March 2018

One of the core arguments for investing using passive funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in particular, is that they’re cheap. Why take the risk of paying more for an active […]
John Stepek

The end of the bond bull market and bond ETFs

by , 9th March 2018

Bonds as an asset class, have done extremely well over the last 35 years or so. In 1981, when the great bond bull market began, the asset class was despised. […]

The next battle ground for passives – holding companies to account

by , 5th February 2018

The current row over a gobsmacking £100m-plus bonus for the chief executive of house builder Persimmon is just one very clear example of the fact that shareholder empowerment has a […]
John Stepek