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The next battle ground for passives – holding companies to account

by , 5th February 2018

The current row over a gobsmacking £100m-plus bonus for the chief executive of house builder Persimmon is just one very clear example of the fact that shareholder empowerment has a […]
John Stepek

Inflation, disruption and activism – the big themes for 2018

by , 3rd January 2018

It’s that time of year when pundits like me get our crystal balls out. Clearly, no one can predict the future (or if they can, they’re sitting on a beach […]
John Stepek

America’s retail apocalypse is real – but is it worth betting on?

by , 4th December 2017

2017 has turned into the year of the ‘retail apocalypse’. A Google search on the phrase will turn up plenty of results. It’s the name being given to the carnage being […]
John Stepek

Are ETFs and passive funds making markets less efficient?

by , 1st November 2017

Last year, in a now-infamous piece of research, Inigo Fraser-Jenkins at US broker Alliance Bernstein argued that passive investing was worse than Marxism. His thesis was broadly as follows: under […]
John Stepek

Is it time for active management to make a comeback?

by , 3rd October 2017

Active fund managers have been on the back foot in recent years, as the rush of money rushing into passive strategies and ETFs continues to show little sign of slowing. […]
John Stepek

Should you try to time the market with smart beta?

by , 11th September 2017

Smart beta is based on the idea that you can beat the market consistently using certain strategies or factors, that have been found to outperform over the long term (so […]
John Stepek

Smart beta – a better index or just more expensive?

by , 4th August 2017

With index investing all the rage these days, it’s easy to forget that today’s best-known stock market indices were not designed with the idea that people would invest in them […]