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Spotlight on US equity: leave no stone unturned

14th October 2018

There’s more to come from US equities in this cycle. Click Here to Read Report  

Of readiness, risk and rhetoric

15th March 2018

It would take a much deeper deterioration in overall conditions to derail the markets. Click Here to Read Report

Good US macro news is now bad news for markets

23rd February 2018

The market wobble at the beginning of the month shows that concerns about inflation and bond yields could reverse the bull market of 2017. Click Here to Read Report

Eurozone recovery shows no sign of slowing down

27th November 2017

Manufacturing activity in the eurozone is at its highest level in 17 years. Click Here to Read Report    

Risk off sentiment fades, but feverishness remains

20th November 2017

Risk aversion has been fuelled by a number of factors including weaker data in China and uncertainty over US tax cuts. Click Here to Read Report    

A crude state of affairs as oil price spikes

17th November 2017

Lyxor sums up recent market movements. Click Here to Read Report

Income insights: better for bonds, for now

10th November 2017

Valuations are still stretched by central bank liquidity injections. But the bond bubble may not burst just yet.  

Why passive makes sense for income investors

6th November 2017

The proliferation of data has enabled passive strategies to become much more sophisticated in their search for yield.

Index insights: Good yield hunting

6th November 2017

Superficially, dividends round the world look robust, but scratch beneath the surface and the picture is less clear cut, says Andrew Lapthorne of SG, writing for Lyxor.