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Are Chinese sectors ready for sector investors?

26th November 2018

Sector investing has gained wide traction in developed markets, notably in the U.S. What about China?  MSCI analyzes whether Chinese sectors exhibited the three key attributes we’ve seen sector investors […]

Did the FAANG stocks lead the US stock market drop?

16th October 2018

Most of the market fall last week was in the general market rather than individual FAANG stocks. Click Here to Read Report

GICS changes: risk depends on how it’s measured

14th October 2018

What does the new GICS sector in New York mean for the six biggest companies affected? Click Here to Read Report

Dissecting the stock market sell-off

9th February 2018

Minimum volatility outperformed while value and momentum suffered in this week’s market correction. Click Here to Read Report

2018 ESG trends to watch

4th February 2018

Here are some major trends that will shape how investors approach the risks and opportunities on the horizon. Click Here to Read Report

A new factor classification standard

2nd February 2018

MSCI proposes a system for defining the various investment factors such as Value and Momentum. Click Here to Read Report 

Foundations of ESG Investing

27th December 2017

MSCI looks at how ESG investing delivers a different investment performance compared to other strategies. Click Here to Read Report

Anatomy of active portfolios

19th December 2017

In a paper from earlier this year, Leon Roisenberg, Raman Aylur Subramanian, George Bonne look at how factor exposure affects fund performance. Click Here to Read Report

Building targeted real estate portfolios

18th December 2017

How many assets do you need to replicate the market? Click Here to Read Report

Is there a short interest factor?

24th November 2017

Looking at the level of shorting in a stock is a useful tool. MSCI’s research suggests that short sellers are an informationally advanced group whose actions reveal a valuable aggregate […]