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Turkey and emerging market debt

by , 16th September 2018

The Turkish Central Bank raised interest rates last week in a bid to prop up the declining Lira and stop investors fleeing Turkish markets. The Lira has depreciated just over […]

Private Equity ETFs: the place to be for the next recession?

by , 5th September 2018

Private equity keeps growing and growing but it’s a difficult sector to break into if you don’t have a huge amount of money. If you don’t know what private equity […]

The case for emerging markets

by , 2nd September 2018

Emerging market equities have had a pretty dire year and recent events in Turkey as well as Trump’s trade wars with China have done little to help their performance. The […]

ETFs can reduce your currency risk

by , 24th August 2018

When you invest in foreign markets, it pays to think about currency volatility. You might invest in a country where its stock market rises 10% over a year, but if […]

Growth still reigns over value

by , 19th August 2018

Growth stocks have soared on the back of a growing economy, but as stock growth and strong returns begin to falter – with the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Netflix […]

Can US equities sustain their run?

by , 10th August 2018

Large cap US equities have had a good run recently.  The S&P 500 rose 20% last year, but this year the gains started to slow with a mere 1.4% uptick […]

What next for the oil price?

by , 3rd August 2018

Oil posted its worst loss in two years last month amid concerns that a trade war will hit economic growth and energy demand will fall. Supply seems to be picking […]

Uncertain Japan may provide a decent hedge

by , 26th July 2018

At the beginning of the last week media reports circulated that the Bank of Japan (BoJ) was considering changing its interest rate targets. It prompted the 10-year government bond yield […]

ETFs and the blockchain revolution

by , 20th July 2018

Making money in the crypto space in the last 18 months has been pretty easy. The HFR Cryptocurrency Index was up 2908% last year, but access through an ETF doesn’t […]

Investing in China as Trump trade war begins

by , 16th July 2018

Chinese share prices have been badly hit this summer as concerns about a Trump trade war have risen. In early July this came to a head when Beijing responded to […]