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Is Europe good value or too risky?

by , 22nd March 2019

European equities probably aren’t the first choice for most investors right now. They’ve fallen this week on the back of concerns about global growth and trade talks. On top of […]

China on the up

by , 17th March 2019

China has had a rough year, including trade tensions with the US, a downgrade in economic growth and the yuan fell throughout the year. But fortunes might be changing, with […]

Investing in Marijuana

by , 7th March 2019

The debate surrounding the legalisation of marijuana for medical purposes and for recreational use has been rife in the last few years. In November last year the UK legalised medical […]

The Case for Energy ETFs

by , 28th February 2019

The energy sector did badly last year with the S&P 500 Energy Sector Index falling 21.9% in 2018, but this year things are starting to pick up. The index is […]

A look at alternatives

by , 22nd February 2019

Access to alternative asset classes is becoming increasingly easy with the rising number of ETFs giving access to the space. There are now over twenty alternative ETFs on the London […]

Maximum exposure to minimum volatility

by , 22nd February 2019

The last quarter of 2018 was a stark reminder why investing in stocks and shares is never a sure thing. Equities – notably the S&P 500 – wiped out its […]

Should you hedge your ETFs?

by , 14th February 2019

When it comes to the performance of your ETF investments, exchange rate fluctuations can make a big difference. Most funds are exposed to some kind of currency risk if you’re […]

The ESG boom continues

by , 7th February 2019

The number of Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) ETFs on the London Stock Exchange has boomed in the past year indicating a trend towards incorporating this strategy. But what benefit […]

Does low cost mean good value?

by , 21st January 2019

One of the best-known characteristics of ETFs are their low costs. But what exactly is low cost and does low cost mean good value? The cheapest ETFs in Europe at […]

The hunt for income

by , 14th January 2019

Income ETFs have exploded onto the investment scene in the last decade and investors have been keen to incorporate them into their portfolios in the face of slow growth and […]