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The hunt for income

by , 14th January 2019

Income ETFs have exploded onto the investment scene in the last decade and investors have been keen to incorporate them into their portfolios in the face of slow growth and […]

Is the Yen still a safe haven?

by , 5th January 2019

The Japanese Yen surged last Thursday as investors flocked to safety amid Apple warning that its quarterly revenue would be impacted by China’s economic weakness and a broader economic slowdown. […]

Emerging markets ETFs for 2019

by , 22nd December 2018

Emerging market equities have had a terrible year, but reports wager that they are to set to make a comeback in 2019, so which ETFs give the best access? The […]

Metals could pick up in 2019

by , 20th December 2018

Industrial metals have performed poorly over the past year. The London Metal Exchange (LME) industrial metals index (LMEX) has dropped 17% since 2nd Jan to the time of writing on […]

Where to invest next

by , 17th December 2018

This year has been an interesting one for investors. Equities soared in the first nine months with the S&P 500 hitting an all-time high of 2,930 in September, but promptly […]

Investing in Latin America

by , 14th December 2018

Latin America is made up of roughly 26 countries, with Brazil, Mexico and Colombia the biggest three measured by population, according to worldometers. For years the region has been plagued […]

Healthcare builds momentum

by , 7th December 2018

Defensive sectors are starting to gather momentum, with healthcare stocks leading the way. But is it too expensive and still worth considering? Perhaps it’s not surprising that the sector is […]

Are robot ETFs just a fad?

by , 3rd December 2018

Robotics ETFs give investors access to tomorrows technology today, but so far returns have been negative, so is it just a fad? There is no doubt that the technology sector […]

Are ETFs best in a downward trending market?

by , 28th November 2018

The longest bull run in history could be nearing its end as volatility rises and major US stock markets correct, wiping out their gains this year. But how will ETFs […]
Rebecca Hampson

Safe haven staples

by , 22nd November 2018

The consumer staples sector performed badly in the first six months of the year amid increased competition and a lack of inflation. But in the last few months returns from […]