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Is there enough interest in ETF white labelling?

by , 24th April 2018

The white labelling trend has really taken off with four independent white-labelling platforms popping up in the last year. HANetf launched last August as the UK’s first independent white labelling […]
Rebecca Hampson

Synthetic v physical: Seven years and counting

by , 27th February 2018

Talking about synthetic ETFs is likely to generate much eye rolling, but bear with me. The so-called synthetic vs physical debate, which started roughly seven years ago, was one of […]
Rebecca Hampson

The true costs of ETFs

by , 21st January 2018

There are some pretty exciting characteristics about ETFs; the on-demand liquidity, the ability to trade intraday, the visibility and the low costs – and it is probably the latter that […]
Rebecca Hampson

Are infrastructure funds all that they seem?

by , 28th November 2017

Infrastructure is something that is integral to our day-to-day living. It includes roads, railways, airports, water distribution, gas, oil, communication, schools and hospitals. JP Morgan Asset Management defines it as […]
Rebecca Hampson

Examining the liquidity issues for bond ETFs

by , 3rd November 2017

It is no secret that liquidity in the bond markets has been steadily declining in the past few years. Banks are retreating from making markets due to regulatory constraints, while […]
Rebecca Hampson

Alliance Trust axes ETFs from model portfolios

13th October 2017

Exchange-traded funds will not be allowed in model portfolios on the Alliance Trust Savings (ATS) platform, limiting the products investors and discretionary fund managers (DFMs) can use in them. According […]

Is there a case for ETFs instead of index trackers?

by , 28th September 2017

I’m forever wrestling with the argument of index funds over ETFs. It’s something I hear regularly from all parts of the market. We are constantly told how brilliant ETFs are […]
Rebecca Hampson