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ETFs and REITs

by , 15th November 2018

It’s a nervous time for property investors as Brexit and the rise of online shopping make a big impact. On the residential side of things, owners are struggling to sell […]

Does ESG boost returns?

by , 8th November 2018

With concerns around climate change increasingly rife – we all know someone who’s suddenly become a vegan – questions around responsible investing are inevitable. The insertion of Environmental, Social & […]

Should you back Brazil’s Bolsonaro?

by , 2nd November 2018

Last week Brazil elected far right politician Jair Bolsonaro as its president. Market watchers likened the election to Trump’s 2016 win and despite the upset it has caused, markets and […]

Smart beta in a bear market

by , 26th October 2018

Markets have had a rotten October, and there may be further falls to come. With that background, are they any smart beta strategies that could reduce the pain if markets […]

Safe havens from turbulent markets

by , 19th October 2018

Global markets have suffered from a sell off in recent weeks and it could get worse, according to market watchers. So where should investors be positioned and are there any […]

China in your hand

by , 15th October 2018

China has hit the headlines in recent weeks amid Trump’s trade wars, allegations around its Interpol chief taking bribes, and falling markets on the back of the People’s Bank of […]

An Italian wild card

by , 12th October 2018

The Italian bond market sell off, political instability, issues around the country’s budget and the loom of Brexit makes Italy seems a pretty unattractive investment proposition. However, as Italian stocks […]

Investing in water with ETFs

by , 4th October 2018

Global demand for water is expected to rapidly increase in the next few years as the supply and demand factors surrounding the commodity become increasingly unbalanced. The World Health Organisation […]

Why has S&P launched a comms sector and will it work?

by , 29th September 2018

S&P has completed a major sector shake-up in the US – and the centrepiece of that shake-up is a new communications sector. This new sector includes some of the most […]

Investing in the FTSE 250

by , 20th September 2018

Last week saw the release of August retail sales and economic data in the UK and the results were better than expected, suggesting that the UK could be a more […]