Why tech-themed ETFs are so popular with smaller providers

by , 14th February 2019

Tech-themed ETFs have proved very popular with smaller ETF providers. Joining this swelling crowd is SabreTooth Advisors, who, in partnership with AdvisorShares, listed the AdvisorShares Sabretooth ETF (BKCH) last week. […]

Telecom commands investors’ attention

by , 13th February 2019

Amid January’s flurry of outflows, one sector seemed to stand strong and receive majority of investors’ attention for the month: Telecoms. The sector’s ETFs around the globe saw inflows upwards […]

Top 5 most underrated Aussie ETFs

by , 8th February 2019

Some ETFs deserve lots of assets and get none. Other ETFs deserve no assets and get lots. Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg’s ETF talking head, made an interesting point about this. He […]

Futures v ETFs – the debate continues

by , 5th February 2019

Societe Generale has thrown its two-pennyworth into the debate regarding which is a better trading strategy, futures or ETFs. In truth the report is pretty arcane; it certainly wouldn’t qualify […]

Top 6 takeaways from Deutsche’s ETF report

by , 4th February 2019

Deutsche Bank published its 110-page annual ETF review last week. Below are six highlights that we thought were interesting and relevant.  1. Europe’s ETF market bigger and more liquid than you […]

New research casts doubt on rebalancing

by , 30th January 2019

The ETF industry is defined by only two consensuses. One: to index is better. Two: to rebalance is better. And to that end, portfolio rebalancing is recommended by virtually every […]

Hedging your bets

by , 29th January 2019

When investing in overseas unhedged ETFs, your returns could take a hit depending on the current exchange rate. At a time where both the US dollar and the pound have […]

Which precious metal is the most precious?

by , 25th January 2019

Gold has had a difficult start to the year having produced negative returns in the first three weeks, despite its promising 2018. For other commodities, it seems to be a similar […]

Jack Bogle never liked ETFs. Here’s why

by , 22nd January 2019

The late Jack Bogle is often taken as the founder of index investing. Many interpret this as meaning Bogle endorsed ETFs, the vast majority of which are index tracking. But […]

The Aussie ETF providers that made it rich in 2018

by , 22nd January 2019

Australian ETF providers killed it in 2018, generating more revenue than ever before – in spite of the volatility that rocked global capital markets throughout the year. While revenues were high […]