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Tracking difference and tracking error

22nd April 2018

Tracking difference is a very helpful metric which can help you figure out whether your ETF is doing its job or not. Most ETFs track an index such as the […]

Creation, redemption and authorised participants

22nd April 2018

One unique characteristic of ETFs is the way that shares are created. Let’s quickly look at what happens with unit trusts and OEICs. If you have money in an OEIC, […]

What are the pluses and minuses of ETFs?

22nd April 2018

Here’s a look at the pluses and minuses of ETFs. The pluses Cheap The biggest plus point for ETFs is that they tend to be cheap. One of the cheapest […]

What are ETFs?

18th April 2018

An ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)  is a hybrid between a fund and a share. An ETF is like a conventional fund (a unit trust or OEIC) because it enables investors […]

Are equally weighted ETFs the only smart beta funds that work?

7th February 2018

Smart beta ETFs have gone from flavour of the month to flavour of the year. What was once an obscure buzzword known only to finance wonks has reached retail investors […]

Investing in government bond ETFs

5th January 2018

Government bonds form the backbone of many investment portfolios. They’re especially popular with pension funds who like their safety and predictability. Government bonds issued by the US and UK are […]

Tracking error explained

1st January 2018

In truth, we are starting this article from a false premise. To call what we are investigating ‘tracking error’ is a piece of jargon that deserves further precision in its […]

Investing in China

23rd December 2017

Investing in China is tempting. The economy has grown at a stunning rate since the 80s and plenty of pundits thinks China can maintain strong growth in the medium term. […]

A home among the gum trees: a guide to property ETFs

19th December 2017

“Why should I buy a property ETF when I already own a house?” Home ownership is sometimes said to be the national religion of Australia. If there’s one thing Aussies […]

Pigs, Gold, Wheat – a guide to ETCs

19th December 2017

Commodities, everyone knows what they are. Commodities markets are the oldest markets in the world. They range from the foods that feed us – like wheat and potatoes, fish and […]