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Corporate bond ETFs

10th December 2017

Traditional investment theory suggests that just about everyone should have some exposure to bonds in their portfolio. That’s because bonds should provide a low-risk and reliable income stream. The problem […]

Acronym Jungle

30th November 2017

When you first start to investigate the world of ETFs, there are a lot of acronyms to contend with: ETN, MSCI, SPDR, AP, NAV and of course ETF are just […]

Collateral: when it hits the fan

27th November 2017

This article is part of our ETF education series. It explains everything investors need to know about collateral in ETFs. It looks at why ETF issuers use collateral, what rights do […]

Roboadvice – the basics

22nd October 2017

Robo advice is a fairly new, fast-growing part of the investment market, and plenty more growth is expected. Many of the ‘robo’ platforms use ETFs to implement their investment ideas, […]

Investing in global equities

15th October 2017

ETFs are often sold for their simplicity, and in many ways they are simple, but even with ETFs you normally still have to do some asset allocation work. You need […]

Cutting Edge September 2017: A review of the latest research into the passive funds space and asset allocation

19th September 2017

Every month ETF Stream brings its readers what we believe is the very best in cutting edge (largely academic) research about the passive investing space and ETFs in particular – […]

Physical v synthetics– a guide

18th September 2017

It is the nature of ecosystems that evolution leads to complexity. As with natural selection in biology, so with the world of ETFs. As the market has grown – some […]

Investing in emerging markets equities

3rd September 2017

Emerging market economies now account for almost 40% of global GDP. That’s a pretty striking figure, and it means that most investors should at least consider invest in emerging markets. […]

Multi-level orchestration – multi-factor indices explained

21st August 2017

When multi-factor indices were first launched back in 2010, the implication from much that was said at the time by the providers about their origination was that it marked another […]

Investing in Europe

21st August 2017

The eurozone and the wider European economy have had a tough time since the financial crisis with painfully slow growth pretty much everywhere except Germany. However, that all began to […]