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Vanguard has the Wright stuff

25th April 2018

Vanguard has poached Liz Wright to be their new ETF sales specialist from ETF Securities where she was head of UK wealth. The move comes a matter of days after […]

Virtus lists actively managed leveraged preferred stock ETF

24th April 2018

Today’s new ETF listings from around the world. USA Virtus lists actively managed preferred stock ETF New York-based Virtus ETF is listing a new actively managed preferred stock ETF that […]

Will tobacco-free ETFs underperform?

24th April 2018

The wages of sin is exorbitant outperformance. Tobacco may be terrible, but tobacco companies have historically outperformed. Smelly and carcinogenic, tobacco companies are the first to be fired from many […]

XTB offers green corporate bond portfolio on HUB24

23rd April 2018

XTB, the Australian company that puts the corporate bonds of single companies into ETF wrappers, has rolled out a new actively managed portfolio of ESG bonds and put it on […]

Top of the gum tree: Australia’s best ETFs for Q1 2018

22nd April 2018

Results are in for Q1 of 2018 for Australian ETFs.  Spreads and Liquidity The most traded and liquid ETFs in Q1 were cash ETFs. In Australia, cash ETFs provide access […]

BlackRock lists a new actively managed hybrid gold ETF

20th April 2018

Today’s new ETF listings from around the world. USA Actively managed hybrid gold ETF from iShares It’s almost as if they’re trying to time the market. Right in time for the potential bear […]

Product focus: BlackRock iShares Small Cap ETF

19th April 2018

BlackRock has launched a global equity small cap ETF in response to what it says is growing investor demand for exposure to developed market small-cap companies. The iShares MSCI World […]

What would Larry Fink think?

18th April 2018

USA iShares lists actively managed inflation-proof corporate bond ETF iShares is listing an actively managed investment-grade corporate bond ETF that uses derivatives to reduce inflation. The iShares Inflation Hedged Corporate Bond […]

DWS employs quality screen for new divi funds

17th April 2018

DWS has launched three news Xtracker dividends ETFs focusing on dividend income weighted on a defensive quality filter designed to lower volatility. The Xtrackers Morningstar US Quality Dividend UCITS ETF, […]

This smart beta ETF looks for the IRS factor

14th April 2018

Today’s new ETF listings from around the world USA Actively managed tax ETF from Schroders and Hartford (IRS factor?) Tax is a big drag on any fund’s performance. So Hartford […]