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What’s in a name? – an ESG polemic

by , 14th November 2018

In response to BlackRock iShares recent high profile move into ESG funds, Mark Northway from Sparrows Capital suggests that naming conventions on ESG matter – and that BlackRock are confusing […]
Mark Northway, Sparrows Capital

Marijuana ETFs are in a bubble

by , 9th November 2018

Summary: Marijuana ETFs have more than $2bn under management, yet the industry is probably in a bubble Marijuana businesses have no franchise value because marijuana is a backyard weed with […]
David Tuckwell

Jack Bogle was right: smart beta ETFs are closet trackers (including Vanguard’s)

7th November 2018

Everyone’s got an opinion about smart beta. For some, it’s the latest salvo in the passive revolution. For others, it’s a “marketing gimmick” that contradicts the basic premise of passive […]

Value is broken, but a new generation of ETFs could fix it

by , 2nd November 2018

[This is the third article in a series on breathing new life into value investing]. Many moons ago I wrote a long old book on stock screening – based in […]
David Stevenson

Stop telling millennials that they save too little!

by , 28th October 2018

I apologise for sounding like a broken record player, but we all need to be reminded that we have a slow moving car crash on our collective hands when it […]
David Stevenson

Expect a bumpy ride for the next 12 months

by , 16th October 2018

It feels like the panic selling of last week has finally stopped and we may about to resume normal service, David Stevenson argues. I can’t quite understand the cause of […]
David Stevenson

Absolute return funds fail to deliver

by , 15th October 2018

A new study puts the sword to absolute return funds, claiming they mostly fail to live up to the hype The worst performing absolute return funds prove worse investments than […]
David Stevenson

How could ETFs contribute to the next collapse

by , 4th October 2018

As passive investing goes from strength to strength, raking in ever more assets from active managers, one key question keeps coming up: could passive investing – and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) […]
John Stepek

Getting high on Marijuana ETF supply

by , 26th September 2018

Anyone with a Google news alert set up for variations on ETFs, exchange traded funds, ETF research or news – as any self-respecting journalist on, say, an ETF-based news and […]
Scott Longley

You Can’t Spell ‘Apocalypse’ with E-T-F

by , 24th September 2018

Are ETFs victims of their own success? With a huge 40% growth rate in Europe in 2017, the focus of the media, regulators and pundits is turning more and more […]
Hector McNeil, co-CEO at HANetf