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Are Chinese sectors ready for sector investors?

26th November 2018

Sector investing has gained wide traction in developed markets, notably in the U.S. What about China?  MSCI analyzes whether Chinese sectors exhibited the three key attributes we’ve seen sector investors […]

Did the FAANG stocks lead the US stock market drop?

16th October 2018

Most of the market fall last week was in the general market rather than individual FAANG stocks. Click Here to Read Report

Spotlight on US equity: leave no stone unturned

14th October 2018

There’s more to come from US equities in this cycle. Click Here to Read Report  

GICS changes: risk depends on how it’s measured

14th October 2018

What does the new GICS sector in New York mean for the six biggest companies affected? Click Here to Read Report

Cigarettes, sunshine and happiness

27th July 2018

Happy investors tend to make more money.  
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The stabilisation of global debt

12th July 2018

The global debt burden fell in 2017, particularly in developed economies. Emerging market countries have less debt but offer higher real yields. Emerging markets debt offers good potential returns.   […]

Less equity, more US treasuries

1st July 2018

Invesco doesn’t fear immediate recession but economic and profit momentum is fading in some areas. Exposure to equities is slightly reduced.

All eyes on the BoJ: from down-cycle risks to stimulus action?

22nd March 2018

Newly appointed board members are likely to push the Bank of Japan in a dovish direction. There may be more monetary stimulus to come.  

More high-yield, less equity

21st March 2018

In the latest ‘Big Picture’ quarterly update, Invesco Powershares is slightly reducing exposure to equities while adding to high-yield credit in the US.  
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Why has the dollar been so weak?

16th March 2018

Yield spreads have moved in favour of the dollar and Invesco Powershares struggles to explain its weakness.
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