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Is active management getting harder?

20th February 2018

Successful active management is obviously difficult, and thereĀ are two reasons to suspect that it may become even harder.
S&P Dow Jones Indices

How global is the S&P 500?

16th February 2018

The S&P 500 isn’t just reliant on the health and growth of the US economy. Click Here to Read Report
S&P Dow Jones Indices

Low volatility stocks and the return of market stress

16th February 2018

Stoxx looks at the performance of a minimum variance portfolio during the recent market wobble. Click Here to Read Report

Dissecting the stock market sell-off

9th February 2018

Minimum volatility outperformed while value and momentum suffered in this week’s market correction. Click Here to Read Report

The potential benefits of real assets in a portfolio

8th February 2018

Investing in real assets can reduce volatility and provide protection against downside risks.  
ETF Securities

Emerging Asia: the right place, right now

7th February 2018

There are four main reasons why the uptrend in emerging Asian equities could continue. Click Here to Read Report
State Street Global Advisers

How to manage BTP risk ahead of Italian election

6th February 2018

March’s Italian election has the potential to shake up the country’s government bond market.

2018 ESG trends to watch

4th February 2018

Here are some major trends that will shape how investors approach the risks and opportunities on the horizon. Click Here to Read Report

The economic impact of artificial intelligence

2nd February 2018

How will AI affect productivity and growth? And how can you invest in the theme? Click Here to Read Report

A new factor classification standard

2nd February 2018

MSCI proposes a system for defining the various investment factors such as Value and Momentum. Click Here to Read ReportĀ