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Carbon reduction targets can drive business growth

8th December 2017

How can companies manage the financial risks that go along with the transition to a low-carbon economy?  

Factors riding bulls and bears

7th December 2017

A bear market doesn’t appear to be imminent. If that view is correct, US Value and European Quality and Price Momentum factors should outperform.    
Invesco PowerShares

ETF Securities outlook for 2018

7th December 2017

ETF Securities looks at lots of different markets for next year including gold, oil, FX and even Bitcoin.
ETF Securities

Does Vix predict future volatility?

6th December 2017

S&P looks at how to use the Vix as a meaningful gauge of market sentiment.  

Sector leadership is changing and differs across regions

30th November 2017

Sector selection is key to outperformance.

Rebalancing of Australian economy is cornerstone of its resilience

30th November 2017

Business confidence is picking up even as consumer confidence weakens.

Eurozone recovery shows no sign of slowing down

27th November 2017

Manufacturing activity in the eurozone is at its highest level in 17 years. Click Here to Read Report    

Is there a short interest factor?

24th November 2017

Looking at the level of shorting in a stock is a useful tool. MSCI’s research suggests that short sellers are an informationally advanced group whose actions reveal a valuable aggregate […]

Why we like Japanese equities

24th November 2017

The SPDR EMEA strategy team outline four reasons why they like Japanese equities. Click Here to Read Report

Crude investors cut positions again, waiting for OPEC meeting

23rd November 2017

Crude oil exchange traded products have experienced 11 weeks of outflows as investors continue to take profits.