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Of readiness, risk and rhetoric

15th March 2018

It would take a much deeper deterioration in overall conditions to derail the markets. Click Here to Read Report

Japan: Yes, this time is different

2nd March 2018

Four fundamental forces have changed from negative to positive.

Italian elections – the last stand of the populist vote?

2nd March 2018

State Street looks at how Italian government bond yields have reacted to political events in the past, and how both bonds and equities may react this time. Click Here to […]
State Street Global Advisers

What’s in a correlation?

27th February 2018

It’s often said that rising bond yields lead to falling equity prices, but things aren’t that simple.

Good US macro news is now bad news for markets

23rd February 2018

The market wobble at the beginning of the month shows that concerns about inflation and bond yields could reverse the bull market of 2017. Click Here to Read Report

Nickel electrification may boost demand

21st February 2018

Nickel demand continues to outstrip supply. Mine supply has been unable to keep up with demand in recent years as miners cut back on investment during the period of weak prices.
ETF Securities

Is active management getting harder?

20th February 2018

Successful active management is obviously difficult, and there are two reasons to suspect that it may become even harder.
S&P Dow Jones Indices

How global is the S&P 500?

16th February 2018

The S&P 500 isn’t just reliant on the health and growth of the US economy. Click Here to Read Report
S&P Dow Jones Indices

Low volatility stocks and the return of market stress

16th February 2018

Stoxx looks at the performance of a minimum variance portfolio during the recent market wobble. Click Here to Read Report

Dissecting the stock market sell-off

9th February 2018

Minimum volatility outperformed while value and momentum suffered in this week’s market correction. Click Here to Read Report