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Medium-sized ETF issuers are dying off

by , 20th February 2018

Mirae Asset’s acquisition of Global X, the JP Morgan-backed $9.6bn ETF issuer, has left many wondering what the future holds for medium sized issuers. Global X is the third medium-sized […]

S&P Dow Jones Indices

Is active management getting harder?

20th February 2018

Successful active management is obviously difficult, and there are two reasons[...]

S&P Dow Jones Indices

How global is the S&P 500?

16th February 2018

The S&P 500 isn't just reliant on the health and[...]


Low volatility stocks and the return of market stress

16th February 2018

Stoxx looks at the performance of a minimum variance portfolio[...]


Dissecting the stock market sell-off

9th February 2018

Minimum volatility outperformed while value and momentum suffered in this[...]

ETF Securities

The potential benefits of real assets in a portfolio

8th February 2018

Investing in real assets can reduce volatility and provide protection[...]

State Street Global Advisers

Emerging Asia: the right place, right now

7th February 2018

There are four main reasons why the uptrend in emerging[...]

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