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Medium-sized ETF issuers are dying off

by , 20th February 2018

Mirae Asset’s acquisition of Global X, the JP Morgan-backed $9.6bn ETF issuer, has left many wondering what the future holds for medium sized issuers. Global X is the third medium-sized […]

Junk bond ETFs are being short sold en masse

by , 19th February 2018

Junk bond ETFs have the largest percent of AUM short sold, new data reveals.  Junk bond ETFs are by far the most short sold of any kind of ETF with […]

ETFs are better than buy-to-let flats

by , 18th February 2018

Investing in UK buy-to-let flats has been highly lucrative for many investors for the last 20 years. But there are no guarantees that will continue. Personally, I’m much happier putting […]

Mifid transparency shows how ETFs coped with pullback

by , 12th February 2018

The new requirements on the visibility of ETF trading brought in by Mifid II meant investors were provided a glimpse of the two-way business that took place during last week’s […]

Active ETFs – getting round the transparency problem

by , 7th February 2018

Active ETFs are still a very small part of the overall ETF industry but they’re being widely tipped for big growth to come. There’s one potential problem though – transparency. […]

Are equally weighted ETFs the only smart beta funds that work?

by , 7th February 2018

Smart beta ETFs have gone from flavour of the month to flavour of the year. What was once an obscure buzzword known only to finance wonks has reached retail investors […]

Stoxx uses AI to pick AI stocks

by , 4th February 2018

As the excitement around Artificial Intelligence continues to grow, Stoxx has launched two new Artificial Intelligence indices. Both indices should give investors exposure to the AI story, and for one […]

Stay in Momentum for now, says State Street

by , 31st January 2018

Momentum stocks have got off to a strong start in 2018, outperforming the MSCI World Index by 2.3% according to SPDR State Street Global Advisers. This follows strong outperformance in […]

Inside ETFs 2018: value is still cheap, says Arnott

by , 24th January 2018

I’m a fan of smart beta, but picking the factors you want to invest in isn’t easy. One widely followed approach is to look at where we are in the […]

Inside ETFs 2018: Why poor performance is sometimes good

by , 23rd January 2018

If you invest in a smart beta ETF, it’s sometimes good if its performance is poor. That’s according to John Ameriks, Principal at Vanguard’s Quantitative Equity Group, speaking at Inside […]