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First European Blockchain ETF launches

by , 16th April 2018

Bitcoin made some people very rich in 2017 as its price rose 19 times over the year. But you could argue that Bitcoin was really just a small part of […]

Asset allocation trends in Spring – April update

by , 13th April 2018

The importance of getting the asset allocation decisions right has long been engrained in the thinking of investors and financial professionals. The difficulty has been how to get outside the […]

IG Group – six of the best dividend ETFs

by , 12th April 2018

Oliver Smith, portfolio manager at IG Group, takes a look at the best dividend ETFs. Nowadays investors can approach dividends in two distinct ways; either invest in higher yielding ETFs […]

Active funds still fail to beat the benchmark

by , 4th April 2018

Active European funds continue to underperform their benchmarks, according to new research from S&P. S&P analysed the performance of 23 active fund categories for funds that are domiciled in Europe. […]

Index arbitrage can double the cost of ETFs: Solactive

by , 1st April 2018

Index turnover arbitrage costs ETF owners 12 – 36 basis points a year, Solactive finds. But, thankfully, there are easy fixes. Index turnover is one of the lesser known costs […]

Are “plain vanilla” ETFs just momentum strategies in disguise?

by , 29th March 2018

Why does tracking the S&P 500 work so well? Because it’s a momentum strategy in disguise, argues a growing body of evidence. Tracking a market weighted index is a fantastic […]

ESG works even better in emerging markets: GMO

by , 22nd March 2018

A new report from GMO claims ESG screens offer particular promise in emerging markets.  The trend to ESG has become so pronounced that investors are now demanding ESG filters on […]

There’s never been a better time to buy British ETFs

by , 21st March 2018

In all the doom and gloom, don’t forget how good an investment Britain really is.  Britain is the land of low skies and lower expectations. And the pessimism seems to […]

Dollar dominates global bond market

by , 18th March 2018

Bonds are a tricky area for investors right now. They’re normally seen a low-risk way to diversify your portfolio, but in a world where ‘quantitative tightening’ is set to become […]

ETF providers are using Facebook’s business model: Vanderbilt professors

by , 12th March 2018

Free ETFs are coming, thanks to fund providers turning asset management into Facebook, two Vanderbilt professors argue. No matter how cheap ETFs get, they somehow manage to get cheaper. In […]