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Van Eck’s outlook: Don’t fight it, feel it

by , 17th December 2018

Donald Trump might not be heeding any advice of late, but given his rants about Jerome Powell’s handling of US interest rates he perhaps should listen to Jan Van Eck, […]

Where to invest next

by , 17th December 2018

This year has been an interesting one for investors. Equities soared in the first nine months with the S&P 500 hitting an all-time high of 2,930 in September, but promptly […]

Investing in Latin America

by , 14th December 2018

Latin America is made up of roughly 26 countries, with Brazil, Mexico and Colombia the biggest three measured by population, according to worldometers. For years the region has been plagued […]

‘Don’t sell your gold and silver’ says Jim Rogers, and buy agriculture!

by , 14th December 2018

Jim Rogers, the famous investor and former business partner of George Soros, is very bullish on agriculture and remains positive on China. Rogers expressed his views this week in a […]

Six ETFs to cushion against Brexit

by , 12th December 2018

As the Brexit crisis continues, UK investors may be wondering if there is anything they can do to protect their portfolio. Here’s the short answer:  diversify your portfolio away from […]

Five top Japan ETFs

by , 10th December 2018

I like Japan. I think it’s arguably the most attractive stock market in the world right now. Later in this piece, I’ll highlight five Japanese ETFs that I think worth […]

Healthcare builds momentum

by , 7th December 2018

Defensive sectors are starting to gather momentum, with healthcare stocks leading the way. But is it too expensive and still worth considering? Perhaps it’s not surprising that the sector is […]

Are robot ETFs just a fad?

by , 3rd December 2018

Robotics ETFs give investors access to tomorrows technology today, but so far returns have been negative, so is it just a fad? There is no doubt that the technology sector […]

The four best sectors

by , 30th November 2018

If you’re wondering which stock market sectors are most attractive for investors right now, a Nobel Prize-winning economist has some ideas. The economist is Robert Shiller who is famous, amongst […]

Invest in the past, not the future!

by , 30th November 2018

Thematic ETFs are a big growth area right now. Many are sold on the basis that they offer exposure to the big growth trends of the future. Thematic investing is […]