Fidelity is a US issuer and one of the largest global fund managers.

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Fidelity expands commission-free ETF platform

by , 12th February 2019

Investors are going to be offered more bang for their buck as leading Boston-based Fidelity Investments is expanding its commission-free ETF platform to include in excess of 500 ETFs. The […]

Fidelity adds more smart beta ETFs to Canadian arsenal

by , 24th January 2019

Fidelity is carrying on with its renewed global focus on index investing, rolling out several more smart beta ETFs in Toronto. Fidelity Canadian Low Volatility Index ETF (FCCL) – 0.35% […]

Fidelity and the 0% wheeze

by , 17th August 2018

Fidelity’s launch of a zero fee US equities tracker has sparked an inevitable bout of anxiety and panic. The anxiety comes from the those who think ETFs are the next […]

David Stevenson

ETF providers outperform the market, even if their ETFs don’t

by , 7th December 2017

Three ETF stories from around the web that made this week interesting 1) ETF managers outperform the market ETFs claim that they track the market, rather than beat it. Yet […]

The ETF fee war opens new front

by , 31st October 2017

The ETF fee wars have had the ante raised this week, with Franklin Templeton unveiling a suite of country funds, which track the biggest companies in the world’s richest countries […]