Vanguard is an American issuer whose founder, John Bogle, is widely credited as the inventor of index tracking funds.

Articles Featuring Vanguard

‘Skewing it up’ – IA gains plaudits for ETF inclusion move

by , 3rd December 2018

The UK’s Investment Association (IA) should be applauded for opening a consultation on whether to include ETFs within its fund sectors and should ignore the complaints of the active sector, […]

Balanced – Vanguard’s best diversified ETF

by , 6th November 2018

Vanguard’s diversified ETFs created a splash when they listed late last year. The four funds – conservative, balanced, growth and high growth – were the first Aussie ETFs to provide […]

Smart beta in a bear market

by , 26th October 2018

Markets have had a rotten October, and there may be further falls to come. With that background, are they any smart beta strategies that could reduce the pain if markets […]

Vanguard snags BlackRock’s head of ETF research

by , 22nd October 2018

ETF provider Vanguard has announced the launch of a London-based ETF research team, led by latest hire, Marco Corsi. Former head of ETF research at BlackRock, Corsi was headhunted for […]

Vanguard Australia lists infrastructure and international small cap ETFs

by , 17th October 2018

Today’s new ETF listings from around the world. Australia Vanguard Australia rolls out infrastructure and global small cap ETFs Vanguard’s Australian arm is listing two new ETFs that add to […]