Vanguard is an American issuer whose founder, John Bogle, is widely credited as the inventor of index tracking funds.

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Top 5 most underrated Aussie ETFs

by , 8th February 2019

Some ETFs deserve lots of assets and get none. Other ETFs deserve no assets and get lots. Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg’s ETF talking head, made an interesting point about this. He […]

Bogle was wrong about ETFs but right about indexes

by , 24th January 2019

A new wave of fintechs, including robo-advisors and zero fee brokers, show ETFs can be used for  buy and hold investment strategies At its most extreme, ETFs can be used by […]

David Stevenson

The Aussie ETF providers that made it rich in 2018

by , 22nd January 2019

Australian ETF providers killed it in 2018, generating more revenue than ever before – in spite of the volatility that rocked global capital markets throughout the year. While revenues were high […]

Jack Bogle – the father of passive

by , 21st January 2019

The impact of Jack Bogle on the world of investment is, by any estimation, huge. Whichever side of the active versus passive debate you sit, it is undoubtedly true that […]

Scott Longley

Vanguard debuts in Borsa Italiana

by , 18th January 2019

Today marks Vanguard’s initial steps of expanding in to the Italian ETF market having listed its first range of ETFs on the Borsa Italiana. The 19-strong range of ETFs is […]