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WisdomTree is a New York-based issuer that launched its first ETF in 2006.

Articles Featuring WisdomTree Investments

Why I still like Japan ETFs

by , 15th February 2019

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve interviewed  two Japan experts, and those meetings have only strengthened my enthusiasm for the Japanese market. The two experts were Jesper Kroll, CEO […]

How price wars and self-indexing will affect the ETF market in 2019

by , 21st January 2019

One of the primary selling points of the ETF industry (and index tracking in general) has been that it reduces costs for investors. Last year, we saw that trend accelerate, […]

John Stepek

Five ETF takeaways from 2018

by , 31st December 2018

Like Santa pulling a last forgotten present from the bottom of his sack, ETF Stream is delighted to bring you some of the key takeaways from the past 12 months, […]

Scott Longley

‘Don’t sell your gold and silver’ says Jim Rogers, and buy agriculture!

by , 14th December 2018

Jim Rogers, the famous investor and former business partner of George Soros, is very bullish on agriculture and remains positive on China. Rogers expressed his views this week in a […]

Canada’s ETF market growth slows down

by , 11th December 2018

AUM in Canada-domiciled ETFs has grown to approximately $162bn (CAD) with inflows of $15.9bn as of the end of November this year, according to WisdomTree Canada’s latest report. While ETFs […]