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The Big Interview: Simon Klein from DWS

by , 21st June 2018

How significant is the shift in attitudes of pension funds towards passive investments generally? What do you think they have come to realise about passive funds? The survey of pension […]

Should you invest in China’s domestic stock market?

by , 13th June 2018

China has just taken another step in opening up its markets to investors. At the start of this month, MSCI, one of the world’s most influential index providers, added roughly 200 […]

John Stepek

The Big Interview: MJ Lytle at Tabula

by , 31st May 2018

The latest venture to enter the European ETF scene features some very familiar faces. Tabula is a new provider of fixed-income ETFs and it is led by Michael John (‘MJ’) […]

The unsurprising evolution of dividend ETFs

by , 22nd May 2018

Dividend paying companies in the FTSE 100 have been doing fairly well recently. The average dividend from the top ten paying companies in the last year was 6.89%. Investors looking […]

Rebecca Hampson

In at the deep end with tracking error

by , 11th May 2018

Perhaps to a surprising degree, when it comes to discussing ETFs it appears sometimes that only cursory attention is paid to the underlying index. These are, after all, purely theoretical […]

Scott Longley

How to diversify your dividends

by , 9th May 2018

When it comes to dividend payouts, the UK has long been one of the more generous global markets – the FTSE 100 currently yields around 4% overall. That’s partly because […]

John Stepek

The Big Interview: Adrian Mulryan from marketßeta

by , 4th May 2018

Active for the past six months, marketßeta was formed about a year ago. The company was set up by Graeme Dewar and it says it has seen a significant increase […]

SPDR poll – sector ETF use set to rise in UK

by , 2nd May 2018

Nearly half of all wealth managers in the UK expect their use of sector ETFs to increase in the coming 12 months, according to a survey published this week by […]

Is there enough interest in ETF white labelling?

by , 24th April 2018

The white labelling trend has really taken off with four independent white-labelling platforms popping up in the last year. HANetf launched last August as the UK’s first independent white labelling […]

Rebecca Hampson

MiFID II erodes the US edge in ETFs

by , 24th April 2018

MiFID II, the package of comprehensive Europe-wide rules designed to strengthen protection for investors and improve transparency, was formerly enacted at the beginning of 2018, in a move which should accelerate adoption […]

Hector McNeil, co-CEO at HANetf