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Interview: Prof Talis Putnins: ETFs are not parasitic on active management

by , 18th October 2018

Talis Putnins is a professor of finance at the University of Technology, Sydney. One of Australia’s top experts on asset pricing, he recently published one of the foremost studies of […]

BlackRock’s Q3 financial report: iShares’ net flow saves the day

by , 16th October 2018

BlackRock announces its financial results for Q3. The report shows growth in iShares’ assets under management (AUM) and revenue over the past 3 months. Passive investments, multi-assets and alternatives saved […]

Expect a bumpy ride for the next 12 months

by , 16th October 2018

It feels like the panic selling of last week has finally stopped and we may about to resume normal service, David Stevenson argues. I can’t quite understand the cause of […]

David Stevenson

China in your hand

by , 15th October 2018

China has hit the headlines in recent weeks amid Trump’s trade wars, allegations around its Interpol chief taking bribes, and falling markets on the back of the People’s Bank of […]

Absolute return funds fail to deliver

by , 15th October 2018

A new study puts the sword to absolute return funds, claiming they mostly fail to live up to the hype The worst performing absolute return funds prove worse investments than […]

David Stevenson

HANetf’s McNeil: ‘We’re now proving the model’

by , 14th October 2018

Hector McNeil, the co-chief executive of HANetf, says the new GinsGlobal fund launched last week proves that traditional asset managers can compete in the realm of ETFs even without any […]

The Big Interview: James McManus, Nutmeg

by , 9th October 2018

One of the most important factors behind the rising interest being paid to ETFs in the European fund management space comes courtesy of the rise of the robo-advisers. These tech-driven […]

How could ETFs contribute to the next collapse

by , 4th October 2018

As passive investing goes from strength to strength, raking in ever more assets from active managers, one key question keeps coming up: could passive investing – and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) […]

John Stepek

ETFs are offering closet active management: study

by , 1st October 2018

New study finds that the overwhelming majority of ETFs are actively managed It claims ETFs are enhancing price discovery and making markets more efficient The trend to active management within […]

Getting high on Marijuana ETF supply

by , 26th September 2018

Anyone with a Google news alert set up for variations on ETFs, exchange traded funds, ETF research or news – as any self-respecting journalist on, say, an ETF-based news and […]

Scott Longley