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Fee-free trackers have landed – and that’s a good thing

by , 13th August 2018

The most basic selling point for “passive” investing and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in general is that they are a lot cheaper than traditional funds. It’s taken a while, but investors […]

John Stepek

Institutions get the passive bug

by , 13th August 2018

A fresh angle on the debate regarding the degree to which the huge inflows into passive strategies – and specifically ETFs – comes from a new report from Deutsche Bank […]

The Big Interview: Martijn Rozemuller at VanEck

by , 3rd August 2018

The deal that has seen VanEck buyout the shareholders behind the Netherland-facing Think ETFs is another piece of the consolidation puzzle being put together within the European space right now. […]

Factor or anomaly? Analysing ETF flows

by , 31st July 2018

A research paper issued by quant strategists at Deutsche Bank in the US has been gaining attention in the ETF world for what it says about fund flows at the […]

How to bet on the oil price

by , 24th July 2018

Oil prices are back in the news in a big way, having enjoyed hefty gains in the past year or so. Can they keep rising from here? Or are we […]

John Stepek

State Street is right to keep STW’s fees high

by , 17th July 2018

For all the criticism, keeping STW’s fees at 19 basis points is a sensible decision. State Street’s ASX 200 tracker STW is a thing of legend in Australia’s ETF industry. […]

David Tuckwell

The value of choice – transparency debate, part 3

by , 11th July 2018

ETFs have frequently been described as democratic investment tools – institutional and retail investors have access to the same products, the same information and the trading flexibility. Investors have been […]

Hector McNeil, co-CEO at HANetf

The last word of dividends ETFs

by , 9th July 2018

Income seems to be the holy grail of investing these days and a common place to find it is in dividends. There is good reason to tap into the dividend […]

Rebecca Hampson

Addressing the purists on transparency – part two

by , 4th July 2018

In the previous article, HANetf looked at the potential for Active ETFs in Europe. While some ETF issuers have launched active fixed income ETFs, the equivalent innovation in equities is […]

Hector McNeil, co-CEO at HANetf

The case for non-transparent ETFs, part one

by , 25th June 2018

In the first of three articles running over the course of the next three weeks, Hector McNeil, the co-founder and co-chief executive at independent white-label provider HANetf discusses why he […]

Hector McNeil, co-CEO at HANetf