Opinion & Analysis

Arguments rage over volatility

by , 19th February 2018

As the dust settled on the market pullback a fortnight back, it became clear that one particular area of the market was being tagged as the prime cause behind the […]

A marketers view of Inside ETFs 2018

by , 14th February 2018

Inside ETFs 2018, held in Hallandale Beach, Florida, is the biggest event of the year for most ETF Issuers and service providers in the ETF ecosystem. The team at Arro […]

Alexandra Levis, Arrocomm Communications

The next battle ground for passives – holding companies to account

by , 5th February 2018

The current row over a gobsmacking £100m-plus bonus for the chief executive of house builder Persimmon is just one very clear example of the fact that shareholder empowerment has a […]

John Stepek

Myth-buster: Will ETFs cause the next crash?

by , 1st February 2018

On the basis that what goes up must come down, predictions for what might cause the next stock market crash have multiplied even as the S&P 500 has reached new […]

Six key takeaways from Inside ETFs 2018

by , 26th January 2018

This week ETF Stream attended the Inside ETFs show at the Diplomat Resort in sunny Hollywood, Florida. By far the biggest ETF show in the calendar, the four days of […]

Inside ETFs 2018: how to pick a smart beta fund

by , 22nd January 2018

The justification for smart beta investing is pretty well known now: with traditional market-cap investing, you’re putting the most money into the largest stocks, and these stocks are often the […]

The true costs of ETFs

by , 21st January 2018

There are some pretty exciting characteristics about ETFs; the on-demand liquidity, the ability to trade intraday, the visibility and the low costs – and it is probably the latter that […]

Rebecca Hampson

Big Interview: Martijn Rozemuller from ThinkETFs

by , 15th January 2018

Think ETFs is quite a rarity; it is the only dedicated ETF provider in the Netherlands and although the market is relatively small on a European scale, it still leaves […]

Getting to know smart beta

by , 15th January 2018

Smart beta makes a great deal of sense for mainstream investors, with many variants of factor investing producing outperformance over the long run. But it’s not a risk-free trade. As […]

David Stevenson

Myth-buster: Do ETFs reduce competition across economy?

by , 9th January 2018

ETFs get blamed for a lot of bad stuff. Critics in say that markets are overvalued and it’s all because of ETFs. And if we see a crash or big […]