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Which precious metal is the most precious?

by , 25th January 2019

Gold has had a difficult start to the year having produced negative returns in the first three weeks, despite its promising 2018. For other commodities, it seems to be a similar […]

Bogle was wrong about ETFs but right about indexes

by , 24th January 2019

A new wave of fintechs, including robo-advisors and zero fee brokers, show ETFs can be used for  buy and hold investment strategies At its most extreme, ETFs can be used by […]

David Stevenson

Jack Bogle never liked ETFs. Here’s why

by , 22nd January 2019

The late Jack Bogle is often taken as the founder of index investing. Many interpret this as meaning Bogle endorsed ETFs, the vast majority of which are index tracking. But […]

The Aussie ETF providers that made it rich in 2018

by , 22nd January 2019

Australian ETF providers killed it in 2018, generating more revenue than ever before – in spite of the volatility that rocked global capital markets throughout the year. While revenues were high […]

2018’s largest ETFs

by , 21st January 2019

Similar to how the richest one per cent owns half of the world’s wealth, leading asset managers dominate when it comes to assets under management. Only six issuers appear in […]

Jack Bogle – the father of passive

by , 21st January 2019

The impact of Jack Bogle on the world of investment is, by any estimation, huge. Whichever side of the active versus passive debate you sit, it is undoubtedly true that […]

Scott Longley

How price wars and self-indexing will affect the ETF market in 2019

by , 21st January 2019

One of the primary selling points of the ETF industry (and index tracking in general) has been that it reduces costs for investors. Last year, we saw that trend accelerate, […]

John Stepek

Novelty ETFs are dead, liquidation data shows

by , 18th January 2019

A lot of people talk about the expansion of the ETF industry. But an aspect that gets less attention is the growing numbers of ETFs that are dying off and […]

ETF transparency and liquidity are welcome in stressed markets

by , 16th January 2019

The phenomenal rise in ETF adoption looks extraordinary. But viewed in the context of any technology upgrade – from tape to CD, from CD to MP3 – there’s nothing outstanding about […]

Why value ETFs continue to fail

by , 14th January 2019

Summary Smart beta Value ETFs are relatively homogenous Some show high exposures to other equity factors, which may represent risk Excess returns from smart beta are significantly lower than long-short […]

Nicolas Rabener