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Jack Bogle was right: smart beta ETFs are closet trackers (including Vanguard’s)

by , 7th November 2018

Everyone’s got an opinion about smart beta. For some, it’s the latest salvo in the passive revolution. For others, it’s a “marketing gimmick” that contradicts the basic premise of passive […]

Big Interview: Jane Street’s Slawomir Rzeszotko and Curtis Tai

by , 6th November 2018

There is possibly no bigger signal for the growing importance of ETFs than the growth in institutional interest in the sector. As a recent survey undertaken by Risk.net and commissioned […]

Value is broken, but a new generation of ETFs could fix it

by , 2nd November 2018

[This is the third article in a series on breathing new life into value investing]. Many moons ago I wrote a long old book on stock screening – based in […]

David Stevenson

Study: Are low volatility ETFs sustainable?

by , 30th October 2018

A low volatility portfolio outperformed the US stock market for 27 years Low volatility stocks have been performing well as a result of declining US interest rates Low volatility ETFs […]

Stop telling millennials that they save too little!

by , 28th October 2018

I apologise for sounding like a broken record player, but we all need to be reminded that we have a slow moving car crash on our collective hands when it […]

David Stevenson

Product Panel – BlackRock iShares’s new ESG range

by , 26th October 2018

BlackRock is clearly keen to be seen to be making the ESG running after it announced at the start of the week it was adding six ESG-led funds to its […]

Flow Traders results indicate moribund ETF summer trading

by , 23rd October 2018

A disappointing recent trading statement from global exchange traded products (ETP) liquidity provider Flow Traders suggests the market has seen a downturn in trade over the summer even as US […]

Interview: Prof Talis Putnins: ETFs are not parasitic on active management

by , 18th October 2018

Talis Putnins is a professor of finance at the University of Technology, Sydney. One of Australia’s top experts on asset pricing, he recently published one of the foremost studies of […]

BlackRock’s Q3 financial report: iShares’ net flow saves the day

by , 16th October 2018

BlackRock announces its financial results for Q3. The report shows growth in iShares’ assets under management (AUM) and revenue over the past 3 months. Passive investments, multi-assets and alternatives saved […]

Expect a bumpy ride for the next 12 months

by , 16th October 2018

It feels like the panic selling of last week has finally stopped and we may about to resume normal service, David Stevenson argues. I can’t quite understand the cause of […]

David Stevenson