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The Big Call Radio

The Big Call: What is Smart Beta and is it a Good Idea?

2nd August 2018

Smart beta is sold as a way for private investors to follow sophisticated investment strategies at low cost. These include value (looking for cheap shares) and momentum (investing in companies […]

The Big Call: How to Invest your Money in a World of Rising Interest Rates

8th June 2018

Interest rates and bond yields are slowly starting to rise in 2018, so it’s a good time to ask what investors should do with their money as we begin to […]

The Big Call: How to get a Sustainable Dividend

24th May 2018

It’s pretty easy to find investments that can pay you a chunky 5 or 6% yield. The challenge is to find investments where the dividend is sustainable and won’t be […]

The Big Call: the lowdown on dividend investing

8th May 2018

Dividend investing isn’t just for retired people who need an income from their share portfolio. It can also be a rewarding strategy for younger investors who can reinvest their dividends. […]

The Big Call: The Lowdown on ESG Investing

21st March 2018

ESG investing, also known as ethical investment, is a big growth area in investing, especially in ETFs. And it doesn’t just make you feel virtuous, it can also boost your […]

The Big Call: Should you Invest in Commercial Property?

7th March 2018

Commercial property has had a good run recently. Does that mean you shouldn’t include any in your portfolio? Ed finds out from Mark Callender, head of property research at Schroders, […]

The Big Call: How ETFs Can Help in Volatile Markets

21st February 2018

Ed Bowsher chats to Oliver Smith of IG Smart Portfolios, and Sean Corrigan of Cantillon Consulting about recent volatility in markets and how you should use ETFs in these circumstances.

The Big Call – Marijuana, Gaming and Stockpicking Computers

8th February 2018

Listen to some of Ed Bowsher’s most interesting conversations at the Inside ETFs 2018 conference in 2018. Topics include: using artificial intelligence to pick stocks, thematic ETFs including marijuana and […]

The Big Call – What will happen in 2018

12th January 2018

Will markets carry on rising this year? Is Gold the best insurance policy against something going wrong? And how will the ETF industry evolve? Will ESG be the big theme […]

The Big Call – Bitcoin: How to get involved

27th December 2017

Bitcoin has had a fantastic 2017, in the latest edition of ‘The Big Call’ Ed Bowsher looks at how it may perform next year as well as finding out how […]