First Trust roundtable: Building protection across multi-asset portfolios as markets soar

Target outcome ETFs are a powerful tool for fund selectors to plan for a particular outcome amid market volatility. Against this backdrop, investors are increasingly turning their attention to the advantages of these strategies.

Lauren Gibbons

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As markets present sustained levels of volatility, investors are increasingly paying attention to the benefits of target outcome ETFs.

These ETFs emerge as a useful tool to protect against the worst effects of unpredictable market turns, allowing investors to defensively position their portfolios due to a built-in buffer from market losses.

As uncertainly persists – notably with the upcoming US elections later this year – being exposed to an ETF that offers a pre-defined set of outcomes over a defined period can be an effective tool in investors’ portfolios.

As a result, this roundtable, in partnership with First Trust, assessed the outlook for markets for the remainder of 2024, how fund selectors are defensively positioning their portfolios, questions surrounding asset allocation and how defined outcome ETFs fit into this evolving landscape.

  • Derek Fulton, CEO, First Trust Global Portfolios

  • Rupert Haddon, managing director and head of sales, First Trust Global Portfolios

  • Trevor Greetham, head of multi-asset, Royal London Asset Management

  • William Hobbs, head of multi-asset wealth, Barclays UK Wealth Management

  • Weixu Yan, head of passives, Close Brothers Asset Management

  • Sekar Indran, senior portfolio manager, Titan Asset Management

  • Matt Toms, multi-asset fund manager, Allianz Global Investors

  • Chair: Tom Eckett, editor, ETF Stream

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