Big Call: Fixed Income ETFs

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The first wave of growth in the ETF space focused on equity structures, however, this has changed with fixed income solutions pushing their way up the agenda for ETF buyers. Despite ETF penetration remaining at relatively low levels, new ideas are emerging all the time with some providers taking on a bold new frontier in fixed income smart beta ETFs.

This seminar will explore issues surrounding this topic including questions such as: What do investors need to understand as they start to buy into fixed income ETFs?

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Who’s Invited?

This half day event is free and exclusively aimed at:

Investment advisers and IFAs
Institutional investors
Private client wealth managers
Portfolio managers and strategists
Multi-family offices

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For security reasons, you will be asked to show ID at reception. Please remember to bring ID.

8:00am Welcome coffee and Registration

8:30am Opening Keynote: : FTSE Russell Global Markets Research – Developed and emerging market bonds in a low interest rate world

8:55am Panel: Central banks and trade wars: What fundamentals are driving fixed income markets?

Bonds have bounced back in terrific fashion this year as central banks turned away from their hawkish policies following the wobble in Q4 2018. As the Federal Reserve continues to release dovish signals to the market, investor appetite is increasing for riskier parts of the market. However, is this a wise idea so late in the cycle? The ongoing trade war between the US and China combined with the evergreen risk of another eurozone crisis makes navigating the bond market a tricky prospect even for the most skilled investor.

9:30am Panel: New ideas in the search for yield

With the Federal Reserve almost certain to cut interest rates later this year, investors who want a steady yield are being forced to turn away from government bonds and look at other options. Gone are the days when the 10-year US Treasury paid you 7%, instead, the 10-year German Bund is being auctioned for -0.24%. In this low yield environment, investors are being forced to other parts of the market however, this presents significant risks so late in the cycle. This session explores some new ways investors can approach the never ending search for a greater risk-return profile.

10:05am Fireside Chat with M&G’s Jim Leaviss: What next for strategic bond investors?

10:25am Networking Break

10:55am Panel: Investor spotlight: Investigating the increasing demand in fixed income ETFs

Global assets in fixed income ETFs recently surpassed $1trn however, many believe the asset class is only just getting started. ETFs still account for less than 1% of the entire fixed income market so the growth potential is huge. This panel will explore current investor behaviours and the different ways they are gaining exposure to the asset class.

11:30am Panel: Fixed income ETFs 2.0: What do the new breed of products look like?

With BlackRock controlling over 60% of the fixed income ETF market in Europe, ETF providers are moving away from the traditionally passive space that is dominated by the bigger players. Fixed income smart beta, credit default swaps and fallen angel ETFs, to name but a few, are quickly developing areas, however, are they viable investment options and do investors need them?

12:05pm Keynote: The Development of Passive Investment in Europe: presentation of the results of the EDHEC-Risk European ETF Survey 2019

EDHEC-Risk Institute will unveil the results of the EDHEC European ETF, Smart Beta, and Factor Investing Survey 2019, conducted as part of the Amundi research chair. This survey, conducted since 2006, is aiming to provide insights into European investors’ perceptions, practices and future plans in the domain of ETFs and Smart Beta.

12:35pm Closing Remarks

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