Big Call: Technology Funds

Event Details

As investors worry about high valuations and the technology momentum train running out of steam, can the leading listed tech businesses still provide a compelling investment proposition based on global disruption and digitisation?

This event will be aimed at both Fund Selectors and Investors, and will feature some of the top Active fund managers in the tech sector, as well as innovative ETF Providers.

Hosted at: Buchanan PR offices, 107 Cheapside, London EC2V 6DN

8:00am – Welcome coffees
8:30am – ETF Stream welcome remarks
8:35am – Fireside chat: Ben Rogoff (Polar Capital Technology Trust)
9:00am – Faangs – Oversold yet?
9:45am – Disruption 101
10:30am – Morning Networking Coffee Break
10:55am – Beyond the Faangs
11:40am – The next big thing: Asian Tech (BAT)
12:25pm – 15 minute live audience Q&A
12:40pm – ETF Stream closing remarks
12:45pm – Finish

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About Big Call Events

The ETF Stream Big Call events are a series of thematic seminars, skewed to either an Institutional audience; including Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Investment Consultants, Endowments and Mutual Funds, or a Wholesale audience that will include Fund Selectors, Wealth Advisors and Planners. Participating sponsors will often include both Active and Passive fund managers equally, and Industry Service Providers.

Each Big Call will educate the audience on the range of topics discussed, and help explain their underlying investment narratives. The audience will also hear from leading experts in the industry, as well as their some of their peers.

During the event there will be keynote presentations, live Q&A interviews, panel discussions and plenty of networking opportunities. Each session will be moderated by an ETF Stream journalist, with the goal of creating a non-sales, rich content environment.