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15 July 2019

Ed Bowsher finds out about the ‘Elston Top 50’, a new rating system that could help investors pick the best ETFs for their needs. Ed speaks to Henry Cobbe from Elston Consulting, who created the top 50 list.


By ETF Stream

27 June 2019

How can you use ETFs to build an investment portfolio? And what should investors focus on when they’re choosing an ETF? Ed Bowsher finds out from Oliver Smith, Portfolio Manager for IG Smart Portfolios, and Adam Laird, Head of ETF Strategy at Lyxor.


By ETF Stream

29 March 2019

Ed Bowsher finds out more about smart beta investing – passive funds that can follow particular investment strategies such as value or momentum. He speaks to Adam Laird, Head of ETF strategy at Lyxor and Steve Goldin, Managing Partner at Parala Capital. Steve gives the rundown on recent Smart Beta performance and also looks at how smart beta ETFs that …


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8 March 2019

Ed Bowsher interviews David Stevenson about a new book: The Ultimate ETF Guidebook, which was co-authored by David. Beginners can easily read the book and more experienced investors will probably find fresh insight as well. In the podcast, David discusses the rationale for the book, the advantages of ETFs, and why the funds aren’t Marxist investment vehicles. More about the …


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