In this fund overview we look at the Legal & General Battery Value-Chain UCITS ETF

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Innovative energy storage is changing the world, from applications like electric vehicles to consumer electronics. Stricter regulations have created opportunities for companies operating along the battery technology value chain. This is the first European fund to offer exposure that tracks the global end to end value chain of battery technology.

The fund focuses on companies which provide energy storage technologies and mining companies that produce metals involved in the manufacture of batteries and includes companies like Hitachi Chemical and Toshiba.

It has a total expense ratio of 49 basis points, covers companies globally, is available in US dollars, Euros and British pounds and is domiciled in Ireland 

The fund's underlying index is the Solactive Battery Value-Chain Index which rebalances on a semi-annual basis to maintain diversification and enable market responsiveness

The index aims to track the performance of companies that are providers of energy storage technologies and mining companies that produce certain metals used to manufacture batteries, with the aim of capturing the growth prospects of both emerging and established companies.

The fund is aimed at investors looking for new investment opportunities in a liquid and transparent vehicle.

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