In this fund overview we look at the Legal & General Cyber Security UCITS ETF

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Cyber attacks pose a growing threat to governments, companies and individuals.

This fund is Europe’s first cyber security ETF providing investors with a simple, liquid and cost effective way to gain access to this high growth and rapidly evolving megatrend.

The fund focuses on companies delivering disruptive technologies to personal, corporate and governmental digital security.

This includes companies like: Palo Alto Networks, ForeScout Technologies and Akamai Technologies

The fund has a total expense ratio of 75 basis points and covers all companies globally.

It is available in US Dollars, Euros and Swiss Francs and is domiciled in Ireland.

The fund’s underlying index is the ISE Cyber Security® UCITS Net Total Return Index which utilises a rules-based investment methodology to select a diverse group of companies actively involved in the cyber security industry.

Companies are either classified as cyber security infrastructure providers or cyber security service providers.

The index follows a modified equal weight portfolio weighting scheme and rebalances on a quarterly basis.

Most broad based technology indices have minor exposure to cyber security companies. The ISE Cyber Security® UCITS Index is equally weighted, allowing the Index to capture growth trends in both established and emerging companies.

This fund targets investment professionals looking for a focused exposure, to a theme which has long-term growth prospects.