In this fund overview we look at the Medical Cannabis and Wellness UCITS ETF from HANetf.

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It is the first and only UCITS fund to provide diversified access to the legal medical cannabis, CBD and hemp industries.

The fund captures companies from across the medical cannabis supply chain, including cannabis producers, biotech companies, hydroponics suppliers, medical and retail product producers and support services to the legal CBD and hemp industries. This includes companies such as G W pharmaceuticals, Charlotte’s Web, Pharmacielo and Namaste Technologies.

The fund has a Total Expense Ratio of 80 basis points and holds equities from companies listed on exchanges in United States and Canada. It is available in US Dollars, British pounds and Euros and is domiciled in Ireland.

The fund tracks the Medical Cannabis and Wellness Equity Index from Solactive and uses modified market capitalization with constituents capped at 10% at quarterly rebalances. The Medical Cannabis and Wellness UCITS ETF targets long term investors who want diversified exposure to the medical cannabis and CBD theme.