In this fund overview we look at the HAN-GINS Cloud Technology UCITS ETF

The fund uses an artificial intelligence process to uncover and select companies involved in cloud technologies.

The companies selected include: software providers, infrastructure providers and equipment producers such as: Equinix, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon and Cisco Systems

The companies within the fund are limited to the top 50 ‘cloudiest’ companies with weights capped at 4% in semi-annual rebalances.

The fund has a Total Expense Ratio of 75 basis points and holds equities from Emerging Markets as well as Developed Markets giving it global coverage.

It is available in US Dollars, British pounds and Euros and is domiciled in Ireland.

The fund tracks the Solactive Cloud Technology Index which leverages a unique artificial intelligence  natural language processing methodology to uncover cloud companies that others may miss.

This fund is aimed at Investors who want precision exposure to an emerging theme, including Wealth Advisors, Asset Managers, Private Banks and Hedge Funds