GraniteShares comes to Europe with leveraged single stock ETFs

GraniteShares, the discount commodities ETF specialist, is coming to Europe. As part of its opening catalogue of European products, the company is listing a suite of single stock leveraged and inverse ETPs.

The new ETPs all use swaps to give 3x the daily performance of British blue chips. At present, there are no ETPs quite like them in Europe.

In 2017, a Global X subsidiary called “Leverage Shares”, attempted to list leveraged single stock ETPs for American blue chips on the London Stock Exchange. However, their efforts were unsuccessful – for whatever reason – and the products never really traded.

Will Rhind (pictured), founder and CEO of GraniteShares, commented: “We are proud to bring this new innovation to the UK market. The convenience and transparency provided by ETPs means that investors with the appetite and experience to use leverage can trade through investment platforms rather than having to open a margin account.

“At a time when it has become statistically harder and harder to actually make money in the markets and outperform, GraniteShares is giving investors the ability to express very focused views, both long and short, on popular UK single stocks through ETPs.”

The funds charge 0.99%.

+3x Long -3x Short
GraniteShares AstraZeneca Daily ETP 3LAZ 3SAZ
GraniteShares BAE Systems Daily ETP 3LBA 3SBA
GraniteShares Barclays Daily ETP 3LBC 3SBC
GraniteShares BP Daily ETP 3LBP 3SBP
GraniteShares Diageo Daily ETP 3LDO 3SDO
GraniteShares Glencore Daily ETP 3LGL 3SGL
GraniteShares Lloyds Banking Group Daily ETP 3LLL 3SLL
GraniteShares Rio Tinto Daily ETP 3LRI 3SRI
GraniteShares Royal Dutch Shell 3LRD 3SRD
GraniteShares Rolls-Royce Daily ETP 3LRR 3SRR
GraniteShares Vodafone Daily ETP 3LVO 3SVO


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