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Global X signals intent in Europe with seven thematic ETF launches

Takes range of UCITS ETFs to 12

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Global X has expanded its range in Europe with the launch of seven thematic ETFs including Europe’s first pure-play Internet of Things (IoT) strategy, ETF Stream can reveal.

Physically-replicated, the seven ETFs are listed on the London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Boerse and Borsa Italiana with total expense ratios (TERs) of 0.50% barring two ETFs – fintech and IoT – which charge 0.60%.

The ETFs are:

  • Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles UCITS ETF (DRVE)

  • Global X CleanTech UCITS ETF (CTEK)

  • Global X Cybersecurity UCITS ETF (BUG)

  • Global X E-commerce UCITS ETF (EBIZ)

  • Global X FinTech UCITS ETF (FINX)

  • Global X Internet of Things UCITS ETF (SNSR) 

  • Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF (BOTZ)

DRVE tracks the Solactive Autonomous & Electric Vehicles v2 index which offers exposure to 76 companies involved in the development of autonomous vehicle technology, electric vehicles, EV components and materials.

This includes companies that are in the development of autonomous vehicle software and hardware, ones that produce EVs and EV components such as lithium batteries. DRVE’s top 10 holdings include companies such as Tesla, Alphabet and Nvidia.

Tracking the Indxx Global CleanTech v2 index, CTEK invests in 40 companies involved in the increased adoption of technologies that are reducing negative environmental impacts.

This includes companies involved in renewable energy production, energy storage, smart grid implementation, residential or commercial energy efficiency and the production and provision of pollution-reducing products and solutions.

Next up is Europe’s sixth cybersecurity ETF, BUG. It tracks the Indxx Cybersecurity v2 index which offers exposure to 33 companies involved in cybersecurity including the development and management of security protocols.

Replicating the Solactive E-commerice v2 index, EBIZ invests in a basket of 39 companies that benefit from the increased adoption of eCommerce as a distribution model.

This includes companies operating eCommerce platforms, providing eCommerce software and services and selling goods and services online.

Europe’s second fintech ETF, FINX tracks the Indxx Global FinTech Thematic v2 index which offers exposure to 54 companies at the leading edge of the financial technology sector which incorporates a range of innovations helping to transform established industries like insurance, investing, fundraising, and third-party lending through unique mobile and digital solutions.

Global X's CEO Berruga outlines plans for European ETF business

Tracking the Indxx Global Internet of Things Thematic v2 index, SNSR invests in 47 companies involved in the adoption of IoT as enabled by technologies such as WiFi, 5G telecoms infrastructure and fiber optics.

This includes companies that are in the development and manufacturing of semiconductors and sensors, integrated products and solutions, and applications serving smart grids, smart homes, connected cars and the industrial internet.

Finally, BOTZ offers exposure to the Indxx Global Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thematic v2 index which tracks a basket of 36 stocks involved in the robotics and artificial intelligence sector including industrial robotics and automation and non-industrial robots, and autonomous vehicles.

Luis Berruga, CEO of Global X, commented: “This latest launch is representative of the firm’s rapid European growth and we are thrilled to be able to offer investors targeted exposure to companies around the world driving long-term, paradigm-shifting themes.”

Rob Oliver, head of business development for Europe at Global X, added: “Digital transformation of the global economy continues to be a major driver of change throughout the value chain, challenging traditional investment frameworks.

“Accurately capturing firms leading in disruptive themes requires a forward-looking investment approach to identify the fast-growing trends of the next decade.”

The news comes just two weeks after the thematic ETF specialist unveiled three ETFs that offer exposure to cloud computing, US infrastructure and biotech, ETF Stream revealed.

The ETF issuer entered the European market in December 2020 with the launch of two ETFs.

Overall, the launches take Global X’s thematic ETF range in Europe to 12. The other five are: