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Solactive launches future trends index series

George Geddes

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Germany-based index provider Solactive has started the decade with the launch of a future trends index series.

The Solactive Future Trends Index series seeks to track trends forecasted to lead their respective industries including thematic investing and megatrends that are predicted long-term evolutions in society and economics.

The firm has focused on trends it predicts will last at least the next decade.

The series is divided into four categories: future technologies, future of the environment, future way of life and future health and well-being.

For the launch, the series contains 18 indices that incorporate either specific investment strategies, data based on third-party sources or the processing software ARTIS which analyses the underlying companies to various data sources.

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Axel Haus (pictured), team head of qualitative research at Solactive, commented: “Based on today’s research and knowledge, we focus on the beneficiaries of multi-year megatrends.

“The Solactive Future Trends provides the means to incorporate the most promising future economic trends into long-term oriented investment strategies.”

Megatrends itself has become a popular theme among index providers as MSCI also launched a suite of megatrend indices in 2019.

The indices included in the series launch include:

Future Technologies

  • Fast-growing Technology Companies Index

  • ARTIS Worldwide Connectivity Index

  • ARTIS AI and Automation Index

  • ARTIS Big Data Users Index

Future of the Environment

  • ARTIS Sustainable Energy Index

  • ARTIS Sustainable Transportation Index

  • ISS ESG Beyond Plastic Waste Index

  • Vigeo Eiris Biodiversity Index

  • Renewable Capacity Weighted Bond Index

Future Way of Life

  • ARTIS Future of Entertainment Index

  • Beyond Basic Consumption Index

  • Fast-growing Consumer Companies Index

  • Equileap Gender Equality Index Family

Future Health and Well-Being

  • Fast-growing Healthcare Companies Index

  • ARTIS Machines in Healthcare Index

  • ARTIS Biotechnology Index

  • ARTIS Oncology Index

  • ARTIS Future of Nutrition Index

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