ETF Stream’s ETF Issuer Power Rankings is a data-driven assessment of the top 25 ETF issuers in Europe and their performance in 2023.

Using a proprietary methodology, the rankings assess which asset managers displayed the strongest momentum over the 12 months.

ETF Power Rankings Report Cover

In this issue:

Choosing the right ETF issuer is a crucial consideration in the product selection process for professional investors, especially as more players enter the market. It is important for investors to understand where each ETF issuer’s strengths lie as well as how they are driving innovation to help clients achieve their goals. In total, four broad metrics are considered that ETF Stream believes most effectively captures an ETF issuer’s performance over the 12-month period:

  • Asset gathering

  • Revenue

  • Activity

  • Theme momentum

These metrics act as a benchmark for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the top 25 ETF issuers in Europe.

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