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21Shares launches aave, chainlink and uniswap crypto ETPs

The issuer’s suite now comprises 26 crypto ETPs

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21Shares has launched three crypto ETPs tracking aave, chainlink and uniswap.

The 21Shares Aave ETP (AAVE), the 21Shares Chainlink ETP (LINK) and the 21Shares Uniswap ETP (AUNI) are listed on the BX Swiss with total expense ratios (TER) of 2.5%.

AAVE offers exposure to the ethereum network by allowing its open-source network to interact directly with smart contracts – the programs stored on the blockchain – on the cryptocurrencies system, ensuring greater transparency and efficiency.

Meanwhile, LINK is an oracle network that allows smart contracts to create blockchains for real-time data computation.

Chainlink now facilitates several use cases including decentralised finance, insurance products, NFTs and gaming applications.

Uniswap delivers liquidity and trading for tokens on the ethereum blockchain and has grown to encompass over 300 tools and applications with a trading volume of more than $785bn.

Hany Rashwan, CEO and co-founder of 21Shares, commented: “Today’s launches increase accessibility for investors and allows them to easily be part of the unique, innovative, and fast-growing crypto ecosystem.”

It is the third launch this year by the digital asset issuer after it unveiled the world’s first ETP tracking the cosmos blockchain, the 21Shares Cosmos ETP (ATOM) ETP, and the world’s first terra ETP, 21Shares Terra ETP (LUNA), last month.

Last December, the firm also unveiled the 21Shares Crypto Mid-Market Index ETP (ALTS), tracking a basket of cryptocurrencies while excluding the two largest ethereum and bitcoin.

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