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21Shares unveils celestia ETP

Tracks underlying TIA tokens

Theo Andrew

Mandy Chiu

21Shares has expanded its range of crypto exchange-traded products (ETP) with the launch of a celestia ETP.

The 21Shares Celestia Staking ETP (ATIA) is listed on Euronext Amsterdam and Euronext Paris with a total expense ratio (TER) of 2.50%.

ATIA provides investors access to celestia staking yields without directly owning the token.

The ETP is 100% physically backed by the underlying TIA tokens held in cold storage by Coinbase Custody Trust Company.

Established in October 2023, celestia is a Layer 1 modular data availability network designed to enhance blockchain’s scaling and deployment.

It utilises data and sampling (DAS) technology to make blockchain more secure and 99% less expensive to maintain and build blockchains, according to 21Shares.

Mandy Chiu, head of financial product development at 21Shares, said: “Celestia represents the future of blockchain architecture, and we are thrilled to offer investors the opportunity to participate in its growth through our celestia ETP.

“As the world's largest issuer of cryptocurrency ETPs, we are committed to delivering innovative investment products that unlock the potential of emerging blockchain technologies.”

It is the second launch since Chiu (pictured) joined 21Shares from Tabula Investment Management in October 2023.

Later that month the crypto issuer launched the 21Shares Maker ETP (AMKR) which employs a two-asset model comprised of governance token MKR and decentralised stablecoin dai.

21Shares is a portfolio company of ETFS Capital, an investor in ETF Stream

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