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Deutsche Börse removes transaction fees for ETF saving plans

George Geddes

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Long-term ETF investors and regular asset savers are going to benefit from Deutsche Börse‘s removal of transaction fees for ETF savings plan orders on the exchange.

The removal of transaction fees is the exchange’s bid to attract more investors, primarily private, to use ETFs as a long-term vehicle.

Deutsche Börse is taking several measures to inform consumers about the advantages of long-term savings via capital markets.

This includes introducing contracts between the stock exchange and brokers to educate investors about the removal of transaction fees.

Additionally, an interactive visitor centre is being built at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange building which is planned to open in Q1 2020.

The centre will educate new investors about how to use capital markets, in line with other sources of information and a digital learning platform the exchange has on offer.

The exchange launched a financial intelligence company, named Qontigo, following the acquisition of Axioma

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Hauke Stars, member of executive board at Deutsche Börse, commented: "It is against the backdrop of steadily falling pension levels that many will have to become more active in the financial markets.

“German employees currently have two options for closing the pension gap if contributions are not to rise immeasurably: either they will have to work for much longer or they will have to invest their savings for the long term, and widely spread, in the capital markets.”

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