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Hollywood firm launches LGBTQ ESG index

George Geddes

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West Hollywood-based firm LGBTQ Loyalty has launched an environmental, social and governance (ESG) index offering exposure to the highest financially performing companies in the US that commit to advancing equality.

The LGBTQ100 ESG index incorporates LGBTQ community survey data in its methodology to select the largest 100 equality driven companies from the nation’s top 500 publicly traded stocks.

The index’s criteria says for a company to be included in the index it must promote equality in the workplace for employees across genders and sexual orientations as well as maintaining a strong track record of loyalty and brand awareness among the United States’ LGBTQ community. Furthermore, the company must possess a record of consistently strong financial performance.

Constituents of the index include the likes of Cisco Systems,, Salesforce, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and JP Morgan Chase & Co.

A tracker for gender equality

Bobby Blair, CEO of LGBTQ Loyalty, commented: “The launch of the Index indicates a significant milestone for our company as it materialises our long-standing mission in partnership with the LGBTQ community to enhance industry standards for advancing equality in the marketplace.”

“The LGBTQ community and our allies finally have a benchmark of the top 100 companies that we believe best support equality along with our core values and principals.”

There have been developments within the industry to support sexual orientation as well as gender equality with the group, Women in ETFs, reaching the milestone of 5,000 members earlier this year.

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