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AgioFunds TFI sets to issue Poland's first ETF

George Geddes

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Poland's capital market is expecting an inflow of ETFs with the launch of Poland's first ETF planned as well as three already issued ETFs being listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The news follows the signing of a memorandum by representatives of the GPW (Warsaw Stock Exchange), AgioFunds TFI, Beta Securities Poland and Dom Maklersi BOS. This document is an agreement of the institutions' understanding to support the development of Poland's capital markets and to provide relevant education to investors about ETFs.

Beta Securities, owned by Israeli financiers, is partnering with AgioFunds and DM BOS in its bid to launch a range of Beta ETFs within Poland. The ETFs will replicate the main Polish and foreign stock indexes and bond indices.

The Israeli financiers will be providing their expertise as the Israeli market itself has been going through some extreme changes regarding ETFs. Roughly 700 ETNs are being transitioned in to ETFs to reduce investors' risk exposure and should be completed by end of year. The Israeli ETF market is ranked in the top 10 globally by market cap, competing closely with Australia.

The Beta ETFs are based on the WIG20, the largest companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. There has been a growing demand for a transparent and accessible ETF in Poland, according to the GPW in its announcement.

Whilst the Beta ETFs are still yet to be launched, the GPW has listed three ETFs, issued by Lyxor:

  • Lyxor DAX (DR) UCITS ETF

  • Lyxor S&P 500 UCITS ETF

  • Lyxor WIG 20 UCITS ETF

Marek Dietl, CEO at GPW said: "I do believe that the co-operation in the development of ETFs will soon prove effective, attracting new Polish and international investors to our capital market. We are planning further initiatives, including education and marketing, to support the development of the ETF market in Poland."

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