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Amun partners with Solactive to launch physically backed Ethereum ETP

George Geddes


Amun AG has listed its physically backed Ethereum ETP (AETH) in Switzerland last week, following the launch of its

Bitcoin ETP

(ABTC) at the end of last month. The crypto ETP issuer has also announced it has partnered with German index provider Solactive which will be providing the net asset values and portfolio compositions for the ETPs.

In addition to the physically back Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs, Amun also offers a basket of cryptocurrencies and has a Ripple ETP currently under development.

Prior to Amun, Solactive partnered with cryptocurrency data platform CoinMarketCap, enabling the index provider access to an aggregated price of each cryptocurrency from 243 listed exchanges. As a result, Amun's crypto ETPs' net asset value provided by Solactive, will be sourced from CoinMarketCap. Solactive has a significant presence and market share in the calculation of the indicative optimized portfolio value.

The physically back AETH, similar to ABTC, enables investors exposure to the increasingly popular crypto space, without the worry of storing the coin with a reputable custodian as the SIX Swiss Exchange manages this process.

Solactive has had a busy few months having completed numerous partnerships to expand its current offering. The index provider is planning to introduce more "exotic indices" in addition to its recent crypto products, to offer more than just a typical equity and fixed income index.

The company says it is trying to keep up with the times as cryptocurrency and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) products grow in demand. Solactive recently partnered with ISS for the launch of a new line of ESG indices.

Fabian Colin, Head of Sales at Solactive, said in a statement: "Being part of the first passively designed crypto ETP is a huge opportunity and denotes Solactive's attitude to participate in the financial world's progress. Furthermore, it highlights our proficiency to engage in less traditional asset classes, not just thinking but stepping outside the box."

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