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Amun partners with Sygnum to launch blockchain protocol tokens ETP

Tom Eckett

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Amun has teamed-up with digital bank Sygnum to launch an ETP which offers investors exposure to foundational blockchain protocols.

The Amun Sygnum Platform Winners Index ETP (MOON) is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Physically-backed, MOON tracks the Amun Sygnum Platform Winners index which looks to identify the established foundational protocols that act as the building blocks of the future digital asset economy.

Applications such as bitcoin, ethereum, EOS, binance chain, cardano and NEO are built on these blockchain protocols.

Sygnum is responsible for selection, weighting and the regular rebalancing of the protocol tokes.

Inclusion in the index is based on factors such as capital invested, financial market interest, ecosystem growth and developer resources committed.

Hany Rashwan (pictured), co-founder and CEO of Amun, commented: “This partnership with Sygnum further demonstrates our commitment to supporting the digital asset industry in these dynamic and exciting times.”

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