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BlackRock drops 'iShares' from latest ETF filing

George Geddes

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Leading asset manager BlackRock has filed for its latest ETF without the its famous brand 'iShares' in the name.

BlackRock has over 800 iShares ETFs globally with upwards of $1tn in assets under management.

The BlackRock US Equity Factor Rotation ETF (DYNF) is its first ever ETF with BlackRock in the fund's name instead of iShares. DYNF offers exposure to large and mid-cap US stocks based on proprietary factors. These factors include momentum, quality, value, size and minimum volatility.

Initially the weighting for the factors will be equal before analysing recent trends will BlackRock determine adjusting the weighting. At most, 35% of securities will be assigned to a single factor although a security could be included under two different factors.

BlackRock says DYNF is actively managed, however, the fund's methodology is based on the factor rotation model.

DYNF, still awaiting approval, would list on the New York Stock Exchange with an ongoing charge of 0.30%.

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