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BlackRock expand thematic's range with digital security ETF

George Geddes

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BlackRock's latest development, iShares Digital Security UCITS ETF (LOCK) will be accompanying the nine-strong thematic's range of ETFs on offer by the investment managing giant. With a sum of $4.4b in assets, the purpose of the range of ETFs is to allow investors the ability to keep up with the market's "megatrends" (jargon for constantly adapting technological and social landscapes). In addition to LOCK, BlackRock will be issuing three actively-managed equity funds with the same purpose.

LOCK will be tracking the STOXX Global Digital Security Index and is composed of both developed and emerging market companies which are associated with digital security. BlackRock believes that because technology and the internet is constantly adapting and growing, the demand for digital security solutions is going to be equally increasing, therefore, is confident the companies will be producing significant revenue.

Rob Powell, iShares' leading strategist, says: "Better technology and data is aiding the development of products that help investors capture specific trends, and empowering people to question how effective their portfolios are in achieving intended outcomes. As more and more investors are getting to know ETFs beyond the broad equity market exposures, our focus is on expanding this choice of tools to build future-smart portfolios."

The three new actively-managed equity funds are going to be joining the existing BGF new energy fund. These funds are:

  • BGF Future of Transport Fund

  • BGF Next Generation Technology Fund

  • BGF FinTech Fund

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